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Journey Into Psychology: An Introduction

Explore “Journey into Psychology: An Introduction,” where middle and high schoolers unravel psychology through interactive, engaging activities. Dive into the human mind’s wonders in this foundational and captivating ongoing course!

Class experience

US Grade 7 - 10
Beginner Level
This class is taught in English.
Get ready for a mind-blowing adventure in "Journey into Psychology: An Introduction"! 🚀 Here’s what our young psychologists-in-training will master:

🧠 **Understanding the Basics**: Dive deep into the world of psychology, grasping the foundational concepts that explain why people think, feel, and behave the way they do. It's like becoming a detective, but for the human mind!

🌈 **Exploring Human Emotions and Behaviors**: Unpack the colorful spectrum of human emotions and discover the reasons behind different behaviors. It’s like having a map to navigate the complex world of feelings and actions!

🤔 **Critical Thinking and Application**: Develop sharp critical thinking skills by applying psychological principles to everyday life. Students will learn to analyze situations, understand diverse perspectives, and think like real psychologists.

💡 **Discovering the Self**: Embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring personal strengths, weaknesses, and the unique factors that shape personality. It’s like having a mirror that reflects the inner workings of one’s mind!

🤝 **Social Connections**: Learn the science behind social interactions, understanding how relationships work, why we are influenced by others, and the importance of empathy and communication in our social lives.

🧩 **Problem-Solving Skills**: Enhance problem-solving abilities by tackling psychological puzzles and scenarios, applying theoretical knowledge to solve real-world challenges.

🎭 **Emotional Intelligence**: Boost emotional intelligence by recognizing and managing emotions, both in oneself and in others, enhancing interpersonal relationships and self-awareness.

So, are you ready to unlock the secrets of the mind? Enroll your child now and watch them transform into a young psychologist, ready to explore the fascinating world of human behavior and emotions! 🌟
Dive into the world of psychology with Ms. Na'im, your expert guide and educator! 🌟 Not only does she boast a master's degree in psychology and is advancing her expertise through doctoral studies, but she's also a licensed teacher and school administrator with hands-on experience in the educational field. 🏫📘

Her teaching portfolio is impressive, spanning from introductory psychology courses to advanced AP levels in public schools. Her deep academic knowledge, combined with practical teaching experience, makes her uniquely equipped to bring complex psychological concepts to life in an engaging and accessible way. 🧠💼

Ms. Na'im's combination of high-level academic qualifications, licensure in teaching and administration, and real-world classroom experience ensures a rich, comprehensive learning journey. Prepare to explore the human mind with a seasoned educator who's passionate about nurturing curiosity and understanding in her students. Get ready for an enlightening adventure that marries theoretical knowledge with practical insights! 🚀📚
Homework Offered
In "Journey into Psychology: An Introduction," we've crafted homework assignments to complement the fascinating topics discussed in class, aimed at deepening your understanding and encouraging personal insight. Here's a snapshot of what the homework entails 📚✨: **Type of Homework:** - Dive into engaging activities 🧠 that prompt you to apply psychological theories to everyday scenarios, boosting your understanding and sparking your curiosity. - Engage with reflective exercises 🤔 that invite you to introspect and analyze behaviors and emotions, both in yourself and others, linking the theoretical knowledge from the classroom to real-world experiences. **Frequency of Assignments:** - Expect homework to be assigned at the conclusion of each session 🕒, clearly outlining what you need to explore before our next meeting. - These tasks are designed to be meaningful yet manageable, estimated to take about 0-1 hour per week, allowing you to balance learning with other life commitments. **Checking for Correctness:** - You'll be equipped with an answer key 🗝️ to self-assess your work, empowering you to take control of your learning process, recognize any errors, and understand the material at your own pace. - This self-check system is intended to foster critical engagement with the coursework, enhancing your comprehension and encouraging independent evaluation. **Assignment Requirements:** - Homework is optional, offering you the flexibility to engage with it in a way that aligns with your personal learning style and schedule 🌱. - This adaptable approach guarantees that everyone, regardless of their other responsibilities or learning commitments, can gain from the course without the stress of obligatory assignments. Our homework is deliberately designed to enrich your educational journey, allowing you to delve deeper into the world of psychology while honoring your unique learning preferences and lifestyle.
0 - 1 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
In "Journey into Psychology: An Introduction," we've thoughtfully integrated assessments to enrich your learning experience, offering a chance to measure your understanding and apply the intriguing concepts of psychology. These assessments are completely optional, reflecting the course's dedication to a flexible, student-centric approach 🌟. **Role of Assessments:** - Think of assessments as tools for growth 🌱, allowing you to reflect on your learning journey, identify your strengths, and discover areas ready for deeper exploration. They're crafted to complement the course's content, enhancing your connection with and comprehension of psychological concepts. **Types of Assessments and Frequency:** - Our diverse range of assessments includes brief quizzes 📝, reflective journals 📓, and scenario-based questions 🧩, all designed to encapsulate the essence of psychology's core principles. These are periodically integrated throughout the course, providing consistent opportunities to engage with and reflect on the material. **In-Class or Take-Home:** - Enjoy the flexibility of take-home assessments 🏡, allowing you to delve into the questions at your own pace, in a setting that feels most comfortable to you. This approach encourages a thoughtful, comprehensive engagement with the tasks, free from the typical pressures of timed tests. **Requirement for Students:** - Choosing to undertake these assessments is entirely in your hands ✋. This optional format is meant to adapt to various learning preferences and goals, ensuring that the course is as inclusive and accommodating as possible. - It's all about your learning journey – you're in control, enabling you to tailor your experience to align with your personal educational aspirations and comfort levels. Our optional assessments are designed to deepen your understanding and enjoyment of psychology, offering a supportive framework that fosters personal advancement and confidence in your psychological knowledge, all without the pressure of mandatory testing 📊.
Grades Offered
Designed for 7th-10th grade, this course supports unique learning needs like ADHD, ASD, and dyslexia with multisensory content, clear instructions, and a flexible learning environment, ensuring every student thrives in exploring psychology.
No prerequisites! This beginner course is open to all. Sessions are standalone; join anytime without prior context. Ideal for newcomers to psychology!
For our "Journey into Psychology: An Introduction" course, learners will need a few basic supplies to maximize their learning experience. Here’s a simple list of what you’ll need:

- **Pencil & Pen:** Essential for note-taking, completing assignments, and jotting down those 'aha' moments.
- **Highlighter:** Perfect for emphasizing key points in notes or printed materials, helping to enhance study sessions.
- **Printer:** Having a printer is optional but recommended. It’s handy for printing out resources, worksheets, or articles that we'll explore together. This allows for a hands-on review and annotation of materials.
- **Secondary Device:** Also optional but suggested for an enriched learning experience. This can be used for interactive activities or games that complement our lessons, making learning even more engaging.

Should there be any additional materials required for specific lessons, rest assured, Ms. Na'im will list these in the course plan well in advance. This ensures that learners are fully prepared and can make the most out of each class session. All materials listed are commonly found in most households, keeping extra costs to a minimum and ensuring easy access for everyone. Let’s get ready to explore the fascinating world of psychology with everything we need at our fingertips! 📝🌟
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
In our course "Journey into Psychology: An Introduction," we delve into fascinating case studies, some of which may present challenging themes. Here's how we handle this content with care, aligning with Outschool's class content policy and ensuring a respectful, safe learning environment 📚🛡️.

**Content Sensitivity and Safety Precautions:** 🚨
- We'll explore intriguing psychological case studies, occasionally encountering graphic content or themes of violence, rated PG-13. These are chosen for their educational richness, providing a real-world glimpse into psychological principles.
- Ensuring discussions are sensitive and respectful is paramount, offering a secure space for learners to engage with and learn from these studies.

**Media Content Rating:** 🎥
- All media, like video clips or articles, aligns with a PG-13 rating, balancing appropriateness for the age group with the opportunity to explore significant, relevant psychological topics.

**Use of Third-Party Tools:** 🔧
- To enrich the learning experience, we may incorporate approved third-party tools, chosen for their educational benefits and enhancement of the course content.
- We'll keep families in the loop regarding any necessary third-party tools, ensuring no extra costs and providing clear instructions for their use within the course, prioritizing ease of access and privacy.

Providing this transparency allows families to make well-informed choices regarding their participation, guaranteeing a constructive, engaging educational journey for every student.
For the course "Journey into Psychology: An Introduction," we're blending a mix of open resources and bespoke materials crafted by the instructor, all designed to enrich your learning journey 📘✨. Here’s a snapshot of the resources we'll be using, aligned with Outschool's class content policy:

### Open Resources:
1. **Psychology Textbooks and Journals (Open Access)** 📚
   - Dive into articles and chapters from peer-reviewed journals and accessible textbooks, ensuring reliable, factual, and current insights into psychological research.

2. **Educational Websites** 💻
   - Explore trusted sites like the American Psychological Association (APA), the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), and Psychology Today for a wealth of articles, research summaries, and educational content on a spectrum of psychology topics.

3. **Online Lectures and Talks** 🎥
   - Enjoy a curated collection of TED Talks, university lectures, and educational videos offering deep dives into psychological concepts, theories, and their application in real life.

### Instructor-Made Resources:
1. **Customized Presentations and Slides** 🖥️
   - Specifically designed for our curriculum, these slides will navigate you through key concepts, significant theories, and the practical application of psychological knowledge.

2. **Interactive Activities and Worksheets** 📝
   - Engage with tailor-made materials including discussion scenarios, problem-solving exercises, and quizzes, all intended to stimulate active learning and self-evaluation.

3. **Case Studies and Scenarios** 🕵️‍♂️
   - Handpicked or created to spotlight crucial psychological principles, ethical dilemmas, and the practical use of psychology in various situations.

### Incorporating Multiple Perspectives:
- Our resources aim to be inclusive, presenting diverse viewpoints and encompassing a broad spectrum of psychological topics, ensuring a well-rounded and respectful approach to different cultures, histories, and societal influences.

### Adherence to Policies:
- Rest assured, all our chosen and crafted materials comply with Outschool’s standards, maintaining a secular, unbiased, and age-appropriate format, fostering a learning environment free from sensationalism or partiality.

This course is crafted to provide a rich, multi-faceted educational experience, deepening your understanding of psychology and its impact on everyday life 🌟.
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1x per week
50 min

Live video meetings
Ages: 13-16
2-18 learners per class

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