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History: Mysteries & Unusual Stories

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Unusual tales and mysteries from nearby and far off lands of the unknown, unsolved, or sometimes just very strange or scary happenings. These classes involve discussion, interaction, creativity, and critical thinking throughout the class.

Class Experience

US Grade 3 - 6
  • Students will try to solve some of histories biggest mysteries all while learning about different time periods, customs, and places. Students will learn about interesting times, places, and events and use their deductive reasoning to come share conclusions. I generally use a Socratic method of questioning and often do not provide "answers."
Les Pauling: I love helping students learn how to connect with one another and live their best lives. 
I have lived an adventurous life. I love to kayak, scuba dive, wreck dive, white water raft, and really do anything that just brings joy and fun into life. I balloon twist as a side gig, moonlight at festivals as "The Bad Advice Fairy," and generally think I'm funny.

I am a counselor by trade with a Master's Degree in Community Counseling and High School Guidance counseling and a bachelor's in psychology. I got my initial training as a guidance counselor and then went into 1:1 therapeutic work in schools and homes. I also have over a decade working with youth who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. 
Some things I love to do are teach students logical thinking, decision making, goal setting, and life skills.

Kristi Myers:
Above all, I am a mom. I absolutely love my daughter, who is a musician, writer and artist. It has been my greatest joy to raise her and educate her. I have always loved working with kids, and I am the "cool aunt" in my family. I have tutored college students for 12 years across many subjects, and I am used to learning new material quickly and finding creative ways to teach it to students of all ages. Kids bring me immense joy, and watching them learn and have fun is the greatest feeling. I teach intuitively and meet students where they are. I am guided by the training I received in graduate school. I have a Master of Arts in Education with an additional 15 graduate credits in child and adolescent development. In my free time, I am a musician and artist and aspiring writer. I love to spend hours online learning random things, just for fun. I also love my cats.

Elizabeth Sanchez: 
I like to go by Liz or Miss Liz. I'm a teacher, an actress, and an entrepreneur. I love history and the crazier the story the better I like it. I love to tell a good story and to really bring history to life through interaction. Hello, young historians! I'm Ms. Liz, a mystery lover and sleuth enthusiast! I’m so excited to share my fascination with history and the darker side of storytelling. Drawing from my studies in sociology and film, I aim to delve into the depths of the past, unraveling the mysteries of the human mind and exploring its impact on society. Merging my passion for people and up beat personality, my teaching style is approachable, interactive, and fun! Join me as we journey through the shadows of history and uncover its hidden truths together!
This class is designed for students who have ADHD, ASD, and other learning difficulties. All content is presented verbally and with pictures or videos to reinforce learning as well as conversation. There is no homework or writing. 
Learners will not need to use any apps or websites beyond the standard Outschool tools.
Some topics may be sensitive, for instance since these stories are about historical mysteries most of the people featured have died, sometimes violently, mysteriously, or with lots of gore. Some stories are simple mysteries, while others are outright spooky or scary. 

This class is a good fit for thrill seekers or kids who want history classes that tell a story and have an adventure feel to them. Students who don't like a lot of talking or interaction will not enjoy this class. Students who are shy may struggle. This class is very talkative, interactive, silly, and students connect with each other. We also watch a lot of videos that have been edited and selected carefully for the topic. We begin each class with sharing. 

If you let me know in advance (by at least a day) that your child will not be attending due to the scare factor I will refund your cost that week. You can check a class rating in the description section of the page. 

I will post a Green for Not scary for most learners with the topic, Yellow for moderate scare, and Red for Super Scary or more sensitive topic. Of course, some individuals find things more or less scary than others do so this is just a guideline. You know your child best. 

I will refund for classes that a child attends but leaves early due to not being ok with the content. 

I will discuss murder as needed or deaths if they are pertinent to the lesson or an integral part of the topic. For instance, you can't discuss the deaths of the Romanov family without discussing their execution. It is hard to teach a class about war without talk of fighting, violence, and death.  

I also know that this is not a class for every student, I have a lot of fun and whimsical classes, and I suspect there are many of those classes to find. This class is specifically designed with thrill seeking history fans in mind. This class is for them! There may be sensitive issues in class including: Religion, marginalized groups, slavery, and other historically accurate issues. 

I used to have this class starting at 7 years old but it became apparent pretty quickly that not all 7 year olds were a good match for the class so I changed it. Some kids will not be scared at all by a red level class and others may be horrified by what I thought was a green level class. This is very subjective.  Every week I will post the following week's topic so you can make educated decisions about whether you think the content might be too scary for your child. I trust parents to know their children the best and judge for themselves. So if you believe this is a good fit for your child but they are outside the age range you may enroll them.. If it ends up not being a good fit you can unenroll at any time. You also can opt to "skip" a week that will not be a good fit and I can just refund you. 

#history #academic
This class uses a lot of video clips to help with story telling. It takes me between 10-16 hours to research each class, watch all the videos and then find what I'm going to utilize for class. This is a lot more work than when I simply share a story from history which generally takes an hour or two to craft. If you do not want your child watching videos this is NOT a good class for you.
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Teacher expertise and credentials
Doctoral Degree in Religious Studies from Claremont Graduate University
Brooke Nelson
Master's Degree in Education from Moreland University
Nicole Suzanne Pauling
Master's Degree in History from University of California, Irvine
Brooke Nelson
"Academy of Wonder is a student engagement centered learning environment." 

Our classes are: 
*Created for all learners including diverse learners
*Not typically found in other school settings
*Crafted around student needs and interests
Group Class


1x per week
50 min

Completed by 1850 learners
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Ages: 8-13
2-13 learners per class

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