Halloween Acrylic Art Painting: Vibrant Cupcakes, Pumpkins, and More

Nazaret | Early Childhood Education Art & Spanish
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Unlock your child's creativity in my Vibrant Halloween Art Class! They'll paint spooky objects with vibrant acrylic colors—pumpkins, cupcakes, and more! Perfect for ages 8-12. Join the festive fun today

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US Grade 4 - 7
Beginner - Intermediate Level
Recommended list of materials: 
Recommended stores to shop from: Amazon, michaels, Blick materials, local art supply stores, target, arteza.com

1. **Paints:** (NEED)
   - Water-based acrylic paints in a variety of fluorescent and vibrant colors (e.g., orange, green, purple, pink, etc.). Make sure they are safe, non-toxic, and easy to wash off.

2. **Paintbrushes:** (NEED)
   - Assorted paintbrushes of different sizes and shapes suitable for acrylic paints, including round brushes, flat brushes, and detail brushes.

3. **Painting Surfaces:** (Choose the best one for your family and child's needs they don't need all just one type!)
   - Sturdy canvas panels, oil/acrylic paper, or mixed media paper for painting the Halloween-themed objects. Preparing the surfaces in advance can help save time during the class.

4. **Palette:** (NEED)
   - Plastic or disposable palettes for mixing and organizing paints. A palette with separate wells for different colors can be helpful.

5. **Water and Cups:** (NEED)
   - Containers for water to rinse brushes and cups for mixing and diluting paint.

6. **Pencils and Erasers:**(OPTIONAL)
   - Pencils for sketching or outlining the designs on the painting surfaces, along with erasers for corrections.

7. **Markers or Fine Liners:**(OPTIONAL)
   - Black markers or fine liners for adding fine details and outlines to the paintings.

8. **Paper Towels or Rags:** (The best one for your learner)
   - Paper towels or rags for blotting brushes, cleaning spills, and wiping surfaces.

9. **Aprons or Old Shirts:** (IF NEEDED)
   - Aprons or old shirts to protect the learners' clothing from paint splatters and stains.

10. **Hairdryer (optional):**
    - A hairdryer can be used to speed up the drying process between layers of paint, especially if time is limited during the class.

11. **Reference Images:** (OPTIONAL)
    - Printed or digital images of Halloween-themed objects like cupcakes, pumpkins, ghosts, etc., to provide inspiration and guidance during the class.

Meet the teacher

Rising Star
Average rating:5.0Number of reviews:(43)
Greetings, learners and families!

I'm teacher Nazaret (pronounced nah-sah-reht), and I'm thrilled to be a part of the Outschool community. While I officially joined Outschool in 2021, it was in the fall of 2022 that I embarked on my journey as a... 
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