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Justin Michael
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Nurture creativity & photography skills in our Virtual Photography Club for kids & teens. Engaging online sessions to capture stunning moments & explore the art of photography. Enroll today!

Class experience

This class is taught in English.
In our Virtual Photography Club, learners will:

Acquire fundamental photography techniques, including composition, lighting, angles, and perspective, to create visually appealing photographs.
Understand camera settings and equipment, such as adjusting aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, to achieve desired effects.
Explore the art of visual storytelling, conveying emotions, narratives, and messages through their photographs.
Learn basic editing techniques using software or apps to enhance their photographs and make them visually striking.
Discover different photography genres like landscape, portrait, macro, and street photography, developing their interests and personal style.
Master composition and framing, incorporating elements like the rule of thirds, leading lines, balance, and symmetry.
Sharpen their observation skills, capturing unique perspectives and paying attention to details in their photographs.
Engage in constructive critique sessions, offering and receiving feedback to improve their photography skills.
Understand the ethical and responsible considerations in photography, including privacy, copyright, and respectful sharing.
Develop a photography portfolio, showcasing their best work and demonstrating their growth throughout the course.
By the end of the program, learners will have built a strong foundation in photography, empowering them to express themselves artistically and capture captivating images that tell compelling stories.
As the instructor of the Virtual Photography Club, I bring extensive experience and expertise to the class. With a background as a photographer for 10 years, I have honed my skills and knowledge in various aspects of photography. Additionally, I own and operate my own photography and media business, allowing me to apply my expertise in a professional setting.

My practical experience as a photographer encompasses a wide range of genres, including landscape, portrait, event, and product photography. I have worked with diverse clients, capturing compelling images and delivering high-quality results.

In addition to my hands-on experience, I continuously stay updated with the latest trends, techniques, and tools in the field of photography. I actively participate in workshops, conferences, and online courses to further enhance my knowledge and skills.

I am passionate about teaching and sharing my love for photography with learners of all levels. I strive to create a supportive and engaging learning environment, fostering creativity, and helping learners develop their artistic vision and technical abilities.

Please note that my expertise as a professional photographer provides a solid foundation for teaching photography. However, it's essential for learners to actively practice and experiment with their own photography to further refine their skills and develop their unique style.
Homework Offered
Learners will have engaging and practical homework assignments that reinforce the concepts taught in class. Homework will primarily consist of individual projects that allow learners to apply their newly acquired skills and showcase their creativity. The duration of homework may vary depending on the complexity of the assignment, but on average, learners can expect to spend around 1-2 hours per week on their photography projects outside of class time. This includes capturing photographs, experimenting with different techniques, and possibly doing some post-processing or editing. While there is no specific reading component in this photography-focused club, learners may be encouraged to explore online articles, blogs, or resources related to photography techniques, famous photographers, or specific genres. The amount of reading will be minimal, typically a few short articles or blog posts, and learners will not be required to read extensive pages independently. The emphasis of the club is on hands-on learning and practical application, allowing learners to develop their photography skills through active engagement and creative expression.
1 - 2 hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
Learner progress is primarily assessed through informal assessments and feedback rather than formal grading. The focus is on the growth and development of each learner's photography skills and creative expression. Throughout the program, learners will receive constructive feedback on their photography projects, both from the instructor and their peers. This feedback will highlight areas of strength and offer suggestions for improvement, allowing learners to refine their techniques and expand their creative abilities. Assessment in the club is geared towards fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment, where learners can freely explore and experiment with their photography skills. The emphasis is on the process of learning, self-reflection, and continuous improvement, rather than assigning rigid grades or evaluations. The primary goal is to nurture learners' passion for photography, encourage their artistic development, and help them build a solid foundation in the art form. By providing ongoing feedback and guidance, learners will have the opportunity to grow and evolve as photographers throughout the duration of the Virtual Photography Club.
Grades Offered
In our Virtual Photography Club, learners will primarily need the following supplies to fully participate in the class:

Camera or Smartphone: Learners will need access to a digital camera (DSLR, mirrorless, point-and-shoot) or a smartphone with a camera feature. This will allow them to practice photography techniques and capture their own images.

Memory Card or Sufficient Storage: Ensure that the camera or smartphone has a memory card or sufficient storage space to save the photographs taken during the class.

Computer or Device with Internet Access: Learners will require a computer, laptop, tablet, or similar device with internet access to participate in the virtual Zoom sessions and access any online resources or materials shared during the class.

Photo Editing Software or Apps (Optional): While not mandatory, learners may choose to use photo editing software or apps to enhance their photographs. Some popular options include Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Snapseed, or VSCO. These may have associated costs depending on the specific software or app chosen.

Notebook and Pen/Pencil: It's beneficial for learners to have a notebook and writing utensils on hand to jot down notes, sketch ideas, or reflect on their learning throughout the class.

It's important to note that the supplies listed above are commonly found in most households or easily accessible at an affordable price. Learners are responsible for providing their own equipment and materials. The instructor will provide the curriculum and guidance for the class activities and projects.

Please ensure that learners have access to the necessary supplies before the start of the Virtual Photography Club to fully engage in the learning experience.
In our Virtual Photography Club, we prioritize creating a safe and positive learning environment for all learners. We do not include content that is intended to be upsetting or scary. However, it's important to note that photography may involve exploring various subject matters, including landscapes, people, and objects.

Regarding media content, we may refer to examples of renowned photographers or showcase inspiring photographs as part of the learning experience. Any media content used will be carefully selected to ensure it is appropriate for the age group and aligns with our class content policy.

No specific third-party tools or accounts are required for the Virtual Photography Club. Learners will primarily utilize their own cameras or smartphones to capture photographs and participate in the activities. We prioritize the safety and privacy of our learners, and no personal information or sensitive data will be collected during the class.

We are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment, where learners can explore their creativity and develop their photography skills with confidence.
While there are no specific required sources for the curriculum, we may occasionally reference reputable photography resources and online articles to supplement the learning experience. These sources could include:

Digital Photography School (website): Provides a wide range of photography tutorials, tips, and techniques for beginners and enthusiasts.
National Geographic Photography Guide (book): Offers insights and inspiration from renowned National Geographic photographers.
Photography Life (website): Features articles, reviews, and tutorials covering various aspects of photography.
CreativeLive (online learning platform): Offers photography courses taught by industry professionals.
Canon/Nikon/Sony official websites: Provide official product guides, tutorials, and tips for specific camera models.
TED Talks (online platform): Offers inspiring talks by photographers and visual storytellers sharing their experiences and insights.
It's important to note that the specific sources referenced may vary depending on the topics covered and the availability of the content. We prioritize utilizing reputable sources that align with our class content policy and provide valuable information and guidance for learners.

Meet the teacher

Average rating:5.0Number of reviews:(4)
Hi there! My name is Justin, and I am an experienced art teacher and digital artist. I have been teaching online for several years, and I have a passion for helping people of all ages discover their creative potential. I have been using Procreate... 
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