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In this course, students will be equipped with relevant computer and soft skills that will help them succeed at school, in the workplace and in life by completing mini-compuprojects which teach the process using Google applications.

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Week 16
Explore Geographic Features in Google Earth: Explore the geographic features of a place by taking a virtual tour in Google Earth and then building a presentation about it in Google Slides.
Use Google Earth’s Voyager to tour a place.
Use the different tools in Google Earth to explore a place’s geographic features.
Build a presentation about the tour.
Answer the following essential questions:
What tools can I use to learn more about new places and topics?
How can I take a virtual tour of a place?
How can I communicate information about a place or topic in a presentation? 
Internalize the following enduring understandings:
I can use digital exploration tools to learn about different places, people, and cultures around the world.
I can use a presentation to share information I’ve learned about a place or topic with others.
As they complete this lesson, students will learn and practice the following digital skills:
Make a copy of a presentation and rename it.
Type in a presentation.
Search for an image and check permissions.
Add an image to a presentation and resize it.
Launch Google Earth in Chrome.
Open the Voyager feature in Google Earth.
Enter a tour and select a map style.
Click through the slides to view each tour location.
Use different Google Earth tools to explore each location.

Week 17
Avoid Online Scams: Learn to identify and avoid online scams by analyzing a real-life situation in a group.
Identify online scams
Analyze an online scam to identify suspicious behavior and warning signs
Create a group document discussing an online scam and providing guidelines for how to avoid scams
Answer the following essential questions:
What are the warning signs of an online scam?
How can I identify and avoid online scams?
What should I do if I encounter an online scam?
Internalize the following enduring understandings:
Online scams are illegal acts of fraud that wrongfully take property, money, or personal information
Recognizing online scams is the first step in avoiding scams and staying safe online
Scams can be avoided by learning the warning signs 
As they complete this lesson, students will learn and practice the following digital skills:
Headings and paragraph style
Document formatting
Text formatting
Bulleted and numbered lists
Digital collaboration

Week 18
Create an Animation in Google Slides: Bring still images to life by creating an animation in Google Slides.
Create an animation in a slide presentation using a sequence of images to bring a story or process to life through motion. 
Share a presentation with a partner to ask for specific forms of feedback to improve the presentation.
Use present mode to ensure the images on the slides move naturally. 
Answer the following essential question:
How can building an animation in a slide presentation help me gain a deeper understanding of a story or process?
Internalize the following enduring understanding: 
I can use a slide presentation to visualize a story or process by manipulating images to create the illusion of motion.
As they complete this lesson, students will learn and practice the following digital skills:
Create a new slide
Apply a layout
Add speaker notes
Insert an image
Crop and resize an image
Draw with line tool
Draw a shape
Add a line color
Add a fill color
Add a background color
Search for images
Duplicate slides
Share a presentation

Week 19
Create Quizzes in Google Forms: Test yourself and others on a topic by creating quizzes in Google Forms.
Create a quiz in Google Forms that contains multiple choice, checkbox, and true-false questions.
Answer the following essential question(s):
How can I use digital tools to increase or test my understanding of a topic?
Internalize the following enduring understanding(s):
Quizzes are useful as an interactive method to study.
Quizzes can add an interactive element to a classroom presentation.
Testing myself can help me increase my knowledge and understanding of a topic.
As they complete this lesson, students will learn and practice the following digital skills:
Create a form
Use the quiz setting
Add and delete questions
Add and delete answers with an answer key
Change point values of questions
Add title and description, images, sections
Share the quiz with others for them to take
Review responses

Week 20
Wage a Sea Battle with Google Sheets
Create a new spreadsheet and title it.
Select 10 columns and rows and add a border.
Resize columns and rows.
Add shading to cells.
Format font.
Type in a spreadsheet.
Add conditional formatting to cells.
Rename the tab at the bottom of the sheet.
Share a spreadsheet.
Name cell references.
Homework Offered
In this course, homework will be required and will consist of work not completed in class.
0 - 1 hours per week outside of class
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Access to a Google account (can be the student's or parents' account)
Create an account at
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
Parents - please be aware that this course requires a google login.  If your student is younger than 13, they will need your permission and access to an account.  This could be your account or an account that you have set up for student-use for this course.  If your child is 13 or older, they can legally create their own account.  

Please copy and paste the url into your browser to read the "Guardian's Guide" that Google provides for these courses:

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