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8th Grade Math Enrichment 2022-2023 School Year

8th Grade Math Aligned to State Standards- Full School Year- 5 Units
Math For The Middles by Danielle Jones, MAT
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Next on Mon Aug 29

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Next on Tue Aug 30

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Class Experience

This class is taught in English.
Unit 1: Rational Numbers, Properties of Exponents and Square Roots
Students will be able to
•	Define rational and irrational numbers
•	Convert a decimal expansion which repeats to a rational number
•	Estimate irrational numbers 
•	Compare the size of irrational numbers
•	Explain and apply zero property of exponents
•	Explain why a number raised to a negative exponent is the reciprocal
•	Multiply exponents with the same base
•	Divide exponents with the same base
•	Raise an exponent to an exponent
•	Evaluate square roots
•	Convert values to scientific notation
•	Perform operations with scientific notation values
•	Compare quantities in scientific notation
Unit 2: Linear Equations
Students will be able to
•	Graph proportional relationships
•	Compare at least two different proportional relationships
•	Interpret the unit rate of a proportional relationship as the slope of a line
•	Determine the slope between two distinct points
•	Recognize slope as rate of change
•	Describe and connect the initial value and rate of change of real life scenarios to slope intercept form
•	Graph slope intercept form
•	Identify the Y-Intercept
•	Determine if a given ordered pair is a solution to a linear equation
•	Write linear equations to model real life scenarios
•	Use similar triangles to determine the slope of a line
•	Understand the components of slope intercept form
•	Determine the quantity of solutions to an equation
•	Solve linear equations with rational number coefficients
•	Solve multistep linear equations that require the distributive property and combining like terms on both sides of an equation with one variable

Unit 3: Systems of Equations
Students will be able to
•	Determine if an equation is a function
•	Identify a function using, graphs, tables, or equations
•	Compare and analyze functions
•	Identify and define linear functions on a graph, table, or by equation
•	Draw conclusions and make inferences from real life linear equations
•	Identify the solution to a system of two linear equations with two variables
•	Solve systems of linear equations with two unknowns algebraically
•	Determine and describe when two equations have no solution
•	Determine and describe when two equations have infinite solutions
•	Represent real world and mathematical problems leading to two linear equations
Unit 4: Geometry
Students will be able to
•	Define and identify rotations, reflections and translations
•	Identify a line of reflection
•	Use models, and geometric software to confirm properties of rotations, reflections, and translations
•	Describe a sequence of rotations, reflections, and translations that exhibit congruence of -D figures with coordinates
•	Define and identify similar triangles
•	Identify angles created by a pair of parallel lines cut by a transversal
•	Use formulas to calculate the volume of cones, cylinders, and spheres and compare similar sizes of the same shape.

Unit 5: Statistics and Probability
•	Describe scatter plot patterns like clustering, outliers, positive/negative associations and non linear associations
•	Construct, and interpret scatter plots with two different variables to investigate patterns of association between two quantities
•	Fit a straight line within plotted data
•	Informally assess the model fit 
•	Recognize patterns shown in comparison of two sets of data

Resources from each lesson will be posted afterwards for students to gain additional practice from at their leisure. 
To engage in all courses, students will need stable internet and a device capable of video conferencing with working audio and visual needs. Headphones are required to ensure minimal background interruption from influences outside of our virtual classroom. Students are expected to maintain a notebook dedicated to their coursework and have necessary writing utensils. A camera device or camera phone capable of uploading photos of student work is also required. The camera on your laptop, tablet, or desktop may double for this feature. A printer is not required but it is preferred. • Internet • Device with working video conferencing/audio/visual capabilities • Notebook • Pencils • Scientific Calculator • Headphones • Optional: Printer
In addition to the Outschool classroom, this class uses:
No formal assessment will be provided for this course. 
1 hour 40 minutes per week in class, and an estimated 0 - 1 hours per week outside of class.
We use a plethora of resources to create a unique learning experience designed to meet students needs. For this reason, I pull from resources such as EngageNY, Illustratrive Math, Dan Meyer 3-Act Tasks, Estimation 180, Singapore Math, Math in Focus and more.  Students will need to have internet access to Google Docs, Desmos Online Graphing Calculator, Youtube, Quizizz, Kahoot, and more interactive online progams.  For this reason, students will not be required to purchase texts.

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Math For The Middles by Danielle Jones, MAT
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