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1:1 Accelerated 11th & 12th Grade Home High School Full Curriculum: 1st Semester

This is a continuation of an accelerated home high school course. This Part 3 class has English III & IV & Social Studies combined for 11th & 12th grades which is part of a complete, private, one to one live video academic homeschool course
Dr. Kai Kafferly, MEd, PhD
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Meets multiple times at scheduled times
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Available Times

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Class Experience

■ English III & IV: 

Identity Main Ideas and Details, Analyze Relationships within Texts, Interpret Words in Context, Examine Text Structure, Assess Point of View in Informational Texts, Evaluate Textual Evidence, and Analyze Structure Across Texts.

■ Social Studies: 

Government, Civics, American History: Revolutionary War through Civil War, American History: World War I through Modern Times, Fundamentals of Economics, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Economics and History, Consumer Credit, Societal Development, Borders Between People and Nations.
I have a double BA degree in Social Sciences with Education Concentration and in Criminal Justice, a MA degree in Education with Curriculum Specialty, and a Doctorate in Philosophy.

I have taught home high school for grades 9 through 12 for over 11 years live online via Skype, and asynchronous messaging on a discussion board, at a private online high school for all of the subjects listed. All students were taught English, Language Arts, Writing, Sciences, Social Studies, and Mathematics plus elective classes by me (like elementary school). All of my students made above-average grades, had fun and a good time, graduated from their state's approved home education laws, and have successfully gone off to college. I enjoy helping students learn, maximize their potential, and help them to go in-depth and think critically to become successful adults in life.

How I teach:

These classes have taught me how to teach using education-based constructiveness, humanist, realism, and idealism theories as well as brain-based learning. As a professional educator, I do the new approach of teaching as it has been thoroughly studied by scholars and based upon statistics and has been extremely successful for brick-and-mortar schools as well as virtual schools. This is also how we are taught to teach in my master's and doctoral programs in higher education. I use differentiated instructions for each individual student and help them to learn based on their abilities and needs. I am very kind, accommodating, friendly, compassionate, understanding, and flexible. I do a "flipped classroom" model where students do assignments first, and then the student becomes the "teacher" in the live meeting by sharing what new things they have learned, things they found interesting, and things they feel are important. I also interject comments with important and additional information while the student is sharing, so I am also actively participating. This is all known as the "open classroom" method where we're in this together, with a common goal: learning and having fun while learning. We discuss what has been learned, analyzed, and concluded from the assignments together in the live meeting. Finally, I give a brief introduction and guidance for the next week plus homework, which is the next chapter in each subject, to be completed by the following week.

As professional educators of academia, we no longer give long lectures or "teach" in live meetings which is an older style of teaching. We discuss the material and more with our students by having a conversation. Students don't assimilate much information during long educator lectures, they prefer interaction. We, educators, are taught to be more like coaches, guides, and mentors to our students, individually and as a whole class. We sometimes help to facilitate meaningful discussion by asking particular questions of a student in the live meetings to share their new knowledge. I ask the right questions at the right time during our discussions to make it a great teachable moment.

This semester's class with two subjects is advanced and accelerated and students will need to practice good time management skills and be very motivated to learn. I not only teach the material through homework such as the chapter questions, projects, but also through videos, and instruction, and discussion in our live meetings, but I also teach students how to learn. Sometimes when I am asked a question, I will ask a student to do some internet research to find the answer. I help them to find answers using legitimate online resources. I sometimes do the same thing when students turn in their homework I may ask them a few more questions that aren't found in the textbook, but by doing light internet research. By teaching using these methods I have found that it strengthens students' ability, and desire, to learn and how to learn as adults. They have control over their education- which is a great power if taught how to use this power correctly.
Each chapter in every subject has 3 to 9 lessons per chapter and we do one chapter per week. Every lesson review, writing assignment, project, and chapter review is recorded in the grade book and there are different due dates (although I am flexible with due dates and late work. If a student must miss either a live video meeting or need to turn homework in later due to illness, family situations, or other causes, I understand. I just kindly ask that the parent send me a direct private message at least 2 hours before the live online class if possible, please, and I can still post their homework for the day(s) they miss. Per Outschool's policy, there are no refunds for a student missing a live meeting. If the student does not show up within 10 minutes of the live meeting the meeting will be canceled for that day. I do not do a make-up day if the student misses the live meeting, but homework will still be assigned in the Outschool classroom for them to complete by the due date. Since this is homeschooling, a lot of homework will be assigned and parents will need to be very involved.

Students will receive instruction, guidance, coaching, learning, and homework assignments from me live online. I will also post weekly guidance and homework assignments in the Outschool Classroom. Most of the student's work will need to be typed on a word document (Google Docs are not allowed, see the "Supplies" section in the class listing for details) to answer questions in the textbook for us to go over in our live online meeting. Some assignments such as chapter tests, writing assignments, and projects like PowerPoints and Videos will be done in the Outschool Classroom. I also post additional links and videos for maximum learning. Full participation in the live video meetings and in the Outschool Classroom are necessary requirements for the student to learn. 

This is an accelerated semester class and the student will be working independently from me most of the time reading the textbook, writing essays, making videos or other projects, and doing the lesson reviews for both subjects; however, I am available by private message for your teen for any and all questions, help, need more guidance, or problems 7 days a week. So your student isn't completely "working alone". I am always available to help. I usually respond to private messages the same day if not by the next morning!

Weekly Assignment Homework: 
Each week students will read and review the two chapters assigned, one for English and one for Social Studies. They are expected to complete the lesson reviews at the end of each lesson and the chapter tests which will have due dates.

Sometimes your teen will be given a project to do with a different due date. They may be asked to create a chart or graph, or write a short essay that will require students to save a word document as a .doc, .docx. or .pdf file as links to Google docs and other online word programs are not allowed. At other times students may be asked to create a slideshow or virtual poster using Adobe Express, Adobe Creative Cloud, or Canva to add variety, creativity, and self-expression in their responses to other assignment questions, and these will be attached as files. Slideshows are saved as a .MP4 file and photo collages are saved as .jpg files. In the live meeting when I give instruction, we will review the assignments and have a meaningful and guided discussion about them along with a question and answer session. Only the Lesson Reviews (open book) and the Chapter Reviews (open book) for both subjects are graded. The additional special projects and essays that I assign are for bonus points.

Part of my philosophy of teaching is to help students how to learn. In many of the assignments, students may be asked to answer a few extra questions based on their original answers which will require them to do their own research on the internet and share their findings.

The amount of work a student puts into the class dictates the amount that they will learn from the class (smile). The due dates are set to help students keep on track. With that being said, I am flexible with the due dates and the amount of work posted weekly for each individual student's abilities and needs. This is known as differentiated instruction and assessment. After all, we're not in school, we're OUTschool. If this applies to your student I ask that you reach out to me via private direct message after trying the schedule for the first week. We can then have a productive conversation about what will work best for your student for their maximum retention of the material, have fun, and not feel stressed or overloaded with work. I want all students to enjoy the learning process without feeling overloaded so I will make specific changes for your student if needed.

Students will need to have good time management skills as well as be self-motivated to learn the material even though I am always here to answer questions, give guidance, and give additional help via private messages. Please remember that this class is a little advanced and accelerated.

A final semester exam will be given for both subjects during the final week. This will account for 20% of your teen's final grade, but the exams are open book and can be given to your teen in a variety of ways to accommodate how they learn and show their learning. This is only to gauge their abilities to comprehend, analyze, infer, discuss and come to educated conclusions on and about the material. 
Students will need all of the following supplies before the first live meeting: 1.) A free PDF of both GED textbooks is available for all students. It will be posted to the Outschool classroom, along with important announcements and further information, 1 day prior to the first live meeting. If you wish to search online and order a hard copy of the textbook here is the information so that you may order yours: GED Textbook 1: "Common Core Achieve Reading & Writing Core Subject Module" by McGraw-Hill ISBN-13: 9780021432561 GED Textbook 2: "Common Core Achieve Social Studies Core Subject Module" by McGraw-Hill ISBN 13: 9780021355648 The GED textbooks are a foundation of our studies, not all of the common core elements are used. Students will need to know how to record a video of themselves in the Outschool classroom, or record a video on their own computer and post it to the Outschool classroom for projects, please. 2.) Students will need to have and know how to use a word document program. Students will sometimes be submitting short essays or answers on a document in some questions, projects, or quizzes, and attach them as a file. Documents will need to end in a .doc, .docx, or .pdf format. Parents may need to help students learn how to save a word document in these formats. Links to Google slides, docs, or any other online work document programs are not allowed. Free downloadable Word Document programs are available such as Open Office, WPS, Ultra Office, Neat Note, and more by doing a search on Google. 3.) Create free Adobe, Canva, and/or Google Slides accounts to make virtual posters (.jpg), and online slideshows (.mp4), download them to their computer and then upload them to the classroom as an attachment. Parents may need to assist their students in creating an account for Adobe Spark and/or Canva and review the different ways to create slideshows, presentations, and photo collages. This is a creative way for students to give their answers to homework and allows for their self-expression instead of just typing out answers. You can make an Adobe account very easily by using this link: Students may also use Canva too. Here is the link for a free Canva account: Parents may also need to assist their learners in creating their Schoology Classroom account. It is important that the student become familiar with these materials before class begins, please.
I send grades for this class every week through private messaging to parents along with comments so that parents can monitor their student's progression. I value and appreciate feedback from the parents every week. Parents must at least acknowledge the educator back that the grades were sent and received. Parents and students may reach me at any time by direct message and I'll reply the same day if not the next morning 7 days a week except holidays.

I give 2 full-year high school credits for English and 2 full-year credits for Social Studies and an overall grade for both subjects for this class with four certificates of completion (2 certificates for each subject showing 1 credit each for 4 certificates) via private message to the parent towards the end of the class. Depending upon your homeschool laws or charter school requirements you can use this class as 4 year-long credits since the class is accelerated and chopped full of information and education. The overall grade is based on the following:

1. Amount of participation in the discussion of their weekly lesson reviews, chapter reviews, the information and discussion of the chapter read, bonus projects and essays in the weekly live meetings. 

2. The number of correct answers on their lesson reviews and chapter reviews while keeping their learning abilities and needs in mind.

3. Amount of participation and thoroughness of their work and research on projects and essays (if assigned).

4. A final semester exam will be given for both subjects during the final week. This will account for 20% of your teen's final grade, but the exams are open book and can be given to your teen in a variety of ways to accommodate how they learn and show their learning. This is only to gauge their abilities to comprehend, analyze, infer, discuss and come to educated conclusions on and about the material. 

The certificate of completion will have the student's first name, "Outschool", the name of the course, the end date of the course, my full name and title as the OS teacher, and a final letter grade between A and D-. I do not fail any students because regardless of how involved or not involved they are in the class I know they have learned something from it. 

A = Excellent
B = Great
C = Satisfactory
D = Needs Improvement

For your homeschool portfolio teacher evaluation, if required, for your state I highly recommend that you keep the PDF's of the textbooks to show ALL of the subjects learned from each textbook and your student's work that has a grade on it from me. These are important items to keep including their written textbook material on word documents, videos, projects from the Outschool classroom, and all of the saved assignments on your student's computer plus the saved PDF's of the textbooks themselves.  I HIGHLY recommend that your teen saves EVERYTHING to a Flash or Zip drive instead of their computer. When the class is over I will not be able to send you any of the material.
2 hours 30 minutes per week in class, and an estimated 4+ hours per week outside of class.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: You will probably need to have a certified teacher in your state to review your student's portfolio (their written textbook material on word documents, videos, projects from the Outschool classroom, and all of the saved assignments on your student's computer plus the saved PDF's of the textbooks themselves) and the certificate of completion with letter grade I send to you in order to help comply with your state's home education laws if you are homeschooling. I HIGHLY recommend that your teen saves EVERYTHING to a Flash or Zip drive instead of their computer. When the class is over I will not be able to send you any of the material. 

Please review your state's home education laws and requirements very carefully BEFORE enrolling your teen learner. I have taught these classes in this same fashion under Florida's home education laws and all of my past students have been successful and graduated. I nor Outschool are in any way responsible for maintaining your teen's home education portfolio or grades. I nor Outschool can review transcripts and do portfolio evaluations for homeschooling. Neither I nor Outschool can guarantee this class will satisfy your state's home education laws or charter school's policies or count for high school credit. Please check your state's and/or charter school's requirements. I can not guarantee your student passing the class. Remember that you are solely responsible for homeschooling your teen under your state's laws. I am here to help educate your teen learner. Parental involvement is absolutely necessary. 

Note about the tuition:

This is a bit confusing for my classes. Your tuition not only pays for the TWO 1-hour and 15-minute weekly live video meetings but also includes the weekly assignments, projects, and quizzes done in the classroom by your student. Additionally, it includes my weekly lesson planning, grading of homework, research, participating in the weekly assignments, projects, and quizzes by adding feedback, more content, guidance, and deeper questions for student's submitted work, responding to both student and parent private messages within 36 hours, and giving private guidance and help for your student. I am personally in the classroom working to help your student and answering private messages 7 days a week throughout the entire duration of the class. Basically, the weekly $25 per Class per Learner" listed below the total tuition on the class listing is really "$50 per Week per Learner" for two live meetings per week. Outschool also takes 30% of the total tuition for their expenses too.

Parents may need to assist their students in creating an account for Adobe and Canva and review with them how to create slideshows, presentations, and photo collages. Adobe & Canva are very easy to use once it is learned. Parents may need to show their students how to save documents for various assignments or projects as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file to be attached in the classroom. Parents may need to help their students with homework assigned by me too.

FROM: Outschool...
While our open community is our greatest source of strength, it also brings challenges. It is important to us that Outschool is a safe space for our users. Our members should treat each other without bias or prejudice across all pillars of diversity including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, and gender identity. Down below are Outschool's Parent and Learner guidelines that we ask our members to observe. Outschool members who do not meet these guidelines will be removed from the site.


1. Learners should only attend class under their own enrollment, as themselves. It violates Outschool policy for a learner to use their sibling’s or another learner’s enrollment to attend class. Learns may only join a live meeting by using the green button in their class on their Outschool Learner Account. Educators are forbidden from sending links and passwords to Zoom live meetings.

2. Ask questions of teachers to clarify any missing details about classes, important information about your learner, and fill out your learner's profile such as age, gender preference, and any notes that the educator may need to know about your learner so they may help your learner throughout the class.

3. Make sure your learner shows up for their class; many classes depend on group conversation, and the absence of a single student can have a big impact. If a learner must miss a live meeting please have them notify their educator via a private message under the Teacher tab in their learner account as soon as possible, or you may notify the educator under the Message tab on your parent account.

4. Provide constructive feedback and reviews about your class experience, for the benefit of the teacher and other parents. The same goes for private messages.

5. Engage in civil conversation, and speak and act with respect for different opinions. Check for private messages from your learner's educators and respond promptly. All communication must take place and stay on Outschool.

6. Help keep Outschool a safe space for learners, families, and teachers from all backgrounds, beliefs, and locations. To that end, we encourage you to watch our Trust and Safety Code of Conduct video with your learner. Learners may not share personal information such as email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, gamer tags, social media, etc.


1. Join the class on time and be ready to learn. Have all of the tools, textbooks, handouts, notes, or anything else the educator has asked of you ready to go before class starts.

2. Be kind: Help all learners feel welcome and included. Give positive feedback to your fellow classmates.

3. Be safe: Keep your personal information private and never ask other learners for theirs (e.g., email address, mailing address, phone number, gamer tags, etc.). All communication must take place and stay on Outschool.

4. Be respectful: Treat others how you want to be treated. Dress in a manner appropriate for class; please be fully clothed with both a top and bottoms on and sit upright for the class. Treat the teacher and your classmates with respect. 

5. Engage & Participate: Contribute to a class environment in a way that is safe and welcoming for learners and teachers from all backgrounds, beliefs, and locations. Take responsibility for making each class a great learning experience for yourself and your classmates: participate, stay on topic, and avoid distractions. Check for private messages from your educator and respond back promptly.


1. We welcome members from all backgrounds, beliefs, and locations and are committed to creating a safe space for our users across all pillars of diversity.

2. We will listen to feedback from parents, teachers, and learners, and make changes accordingly. Send an email to support@outschool at any time!

3. We will create and enforce policies to create a high-quality, trusted, and safe community for learning. This may include removing content or users from the platform.

4. We will respond promptly to questions and issues that arise.


1. Offer classes only where you have the appropriate background or expertise.

2. Teach classes professionally: 

3. Be prepared, begin on time, and treat all learners with respect.  

4. Do not teach while impaired and do not model any behavior that a student age 18 or younger is restricted from doing.  

5. Respond promptly to parent questions and requests.

6. Communicate with parents and learners in a professional manner, both in messages and in-class.

7. Keep all communications on our platform; never provide personal contact information to parents or learners for “off-platform” communications, or in-person meetings (prohibited unless an Outschool-sponsored event). 

8. Adhere to our class content policy by only offering secular, objective, age-appropriate classes

9. Create a safe and welcoming space for learners and families from all backgrounds, beliefs, and locations.
All sources are independently scholarly peer-reviewed, based on truth and facts, highly researched by the teacher for truthful evidence, secular, and unbiased. This especially includes the textbook.


Dr. Kai Kafferly, MEd, PhD
Lives in the United States
Energetic, Fun, & Very Engaging High School Teen Educator. Teaching is truly my passion! Let's set learning free together!
379 total reviews
179 completed classes

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