Why Outschool grows

Jul 9, 2018

Outschool is always looking to add more families and teachers to our community. This growth is an important part of our work to keep making Outschool better. Here’s why:

When more teachers join Outschool, this creates a better experience for our families. Parents tell us that one of the main reasons they love Outschool is that they can easily find a large variety of topics to match their learner’s needs and interests. Many of the creative topics taught by our teachers simply aren’t available in school or in their surrounding area. Additionally, Outschool teachers set their own teaching times and they are located across different time zones. More availability of times makes it much more likely that families will find classes that fit their scheduling needs. Growing our teacher community provides better access to classes for our families.

When more families join Outschool, this benefits all of our teachers, not just the teacher whose class the parent first buys. Once a parent has purchased a class on Outschool, they are likely to buy again as they become familiar with the site and our unique, live online class format. On average, Outschool families buy five classes in their first year with us. One new family can thus lead to many enrollments with our teachers.

A growing community keeps everyone engaged, for months and years after they first come to us. As learners grow, their interests and needs are always changing. A parent may have originally come to Outschool for a middle school science class, but the next time the need comes up, they’ll look to Outschool, for a high school Spanish class or an art class for a younger sibling. As teachers try different class ideas, they find that Outschool keeps offering them new opportunities to develop their voice and discover their audience.

To continue to improve Outschool, we’ll invest in growing our community of families and teachers. We’re grateful to the families and teachers who have been with us through Outschool’s early days - and we’re excited to see where we go next!