What Outschool Class Format is Right For Me?

For Parents Jan 3, 2022

Your kid is ready to try something new, but where do you start? Whether you're a newbie or Outschool veteran, it can feel overwhelming to find which Outschool class format is suitable for your kid.

Does your learner want a one-time class, an ongoing class, or a social club? Do you want a last-minute weekend activity, a way for your child to socialize, or to advance in a new skill-set?

Of course, it may vary based on your schedule, your kids’ ages, or their personal interests. For this reason, we’re providing a resource to help you on your class planning journey. Read on to learn more about which Outschool class format is suitable for you and to find your learner's next favorite class experience.

What Is Outschool?

If you're just joining us, welcome!

Outschool is an online learning platform of live online classes for kids ages 3-18. These classes can range from Minecraft, academic core, art and drawing, music, and more!

Whether your kid wants to find a new activity after school, supplement your current education, or build your own DIY homeschool curriculum, there's something for everyone.

Our classes are small, we have thousands to choose from, and our educators are from a wide variety of fields.

Outschool Live Class Formats & Types Explained

All class experiences are unique and personal, so no one class topic is the same. Your learner could take three different mathematics courses, and they could all have a different approach or style to them. That's what makes Outschool unique. After all, you've got to keep it interesting when it comes to kids. There are six standard live class formats for parents and learners to choose from.

Consider the following:

  • One-time classes $
  • Ongoing classes  $
  • Short classes $$
  • One-on-one classes $$
  • Semester courses $$$
  • Camps $$$

    Check out this art class for a sneak peak below:

Let's dive in to help you navigate the platform and help you find the perfect class!

Find Your Family's Learning Style

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What's fun about Outschool is no class and no experience the same. Want to try a one-time class? Find an ongoing class on a topic your learner loves? Find the perfect class-style fit for your family.

Outschool One-Time Classes

a one time class can help fill your child's schedule, inspire a new passion or hobby, or help fill a weekend activity.

A great way to test out a new subject or educator before making a longer commitment. Also, this may give your learner the chance to take a class on something specific, or even create something like a one-time art project. These classes meet once and are available in a wide variety of times or days, perfect for a last minute schedule change.

Perfect for families who:

  • Want to dip their toes and try something new
  • Explore niche topics not tied to a bigger curriculum
  • Have an ever-changing schedule
  • Incorporate enrichment into their daily or weekly schedule
  • Like experimenting with different topics and instructors

These types of classes may work out great if you have a last-minute schedule change, want an activity for the weekend, or provide some enrichment during the holidays. These classes may work well for various ages and can be on several topics.

Try a one-time class

Outschool Ongoing Classes

Young learner involved in an ongoing class that meets quickly.

One of our most popular styles is interest-led classes that meet weekly without a set end date. Think discussion-based classes and clubs. These classes are subscription-based and give you the opportunity and flexibility to decide how long your child will stay in class.

Perfect for kids (learners) who:

  • Want a fun extracurricular and space to do passionate projects
  • Ideal for art classes, themed clubs, music lessons, and more
  • Want to create a sense of community
  • An excellent way for your learner to socialize and interact with other kids

Your kid can look forward to their art and drawing club every Saturday or enjoy meeting with the same educator every week with new themes, projects, or detailed lessons.

Try an ongoing course

Outschool Short Courses

A short class is a great way to introduce a new topic or pick up a new hobby and dive in for a few weeks.

Dig a little deeper than a one-time class, but for a shorter time frame than the semester classes. These classes meet one or more times each week for up to four weeks.

Perfect for families who:

  • Want a Goldilocks level of commitment
  • Want something that's not too short, not too long
  • Has a learner who wants more but doesn't want to book a whole semester or ongoing course

These classes are a fantastic way to dive into a topic or a great way to introduce a new hobby or skill without a total semester commitment. Want to learn how to make awesome movies in a month, learn how to play chess, or join in on Kindergarten circle time? You may find some of that and more with an Outschool short course.

Try a short course

Outschool One-On-One Classes

Does your learner need test prep, one on one instruction with academics, or to help excel in a hobby? A one-on-one class may be a great fit for your family.

A great way to get some expert help tailored to your child. These class lengths vary and can be booked for a one-time session or on an ongoing basis. Upon booking your learner’s class, you can see the schedule in the class listing.

Perfect for families who:

  • Feel advanced or behind in a specific topic and want personalized coaching
  • For kids who feel shy or more withdrawn in a group setting
  • Want focused help, tutoring, coaching, prep, or feedback

One-on-one classes are an excellent way to help support your learner's education and provide support for any roadblocks. They also create unique opportunities for your learner to shine. These classes help your kid get ahead, prep, or get support.

You can use these classes as a way to supplement and support your child's education. Do they need test prep, tutoring with an academic core, or to excel in a specific hobby, like music? One-on-one courses may be a good direction for your learner.

Try a one-on-one class

Outschool Semester Courses

The perfect way to go in-depth on a subject, these courses meet one or more times each week for 8 or more weeks.

Perfect for families who:

  • Want to supplement their public/private/homeschool curriculum
  • Want a deep-dive learning experience in a particular topic
  • Have a child who wants to go above and beyond or catch up in one specific area  

Try a semester course

Outschool Camps

an Outschool camp may be a great way to fill a holiday break or enjoy a seasonal chunk of time.

A popular option, especially for the summer! Camps are multi-day or ongoing classes that meet two or more times within the same week.

Perfect for families who:

  • Want a new seasonal activity
  • Have a specific chunk of time they want to fill with fun
  • Explore new passions during holiday time

Try a winter camp

What Are the Benefits of Outschool Classes?

At Outschool, learners can explore new passions, further their hobbies and interests while exploring topics from the comfort of their own home.

Outschool gives kids the chance to learn various topics, thousands of unique classes and camps, with just the click of a button.

Also, learners can further their hobbies, passions, and interests while exploring new topics of interest in the comfort of their own home and on their schedule. Your kid can connect and learn with other kids from around the globe and get a unique experience that may not always be available in your community.

Want an additional resource to get you and your learner started? Here's a checklist to inspire your new Outschool class choices.

Check out a downloadable PDF here. - link to pdf checklist

Outschool Class Formats: For All Learners

No matter whether your learner wants a one-time drawing class, a weekly Kindergarten circle-time class, or a coding camp, there's something for everyone.

Find your next Outschool class today!

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