Sweet Valentine's Day Online Classes for Kids

For Parents Feb 3, 2022

While Valentine’s Day may not make everyone feel the love, we’re pretty excited. We’re lovestruck by all our Valentine’s Day online classes for kids coming up, like Coding a Valentine Card and Baking a Valentine’s Pizza.

Whatever the day brings, we hope you get some time to put the spotlight on your passions and interests. Check out some of our featured Outschool classes below.

Celebrate love by enrolling in one of these sweet learning experiences.

A Very Piggy Valentine’s: Interactive Shape-Themed Story Time

  • During this one-time storytime class, Pig will meet new friends and explore the world of shapes while writing his letters and shape words.
  • Ages: 4-7-year-olds
  • Sign up here | $10

Lovey Valentine Birds - Draw and Watercolor Paint Art Project!

  • In this one-time class, students we will learn to draw from direction and imagination, improve watercolor painting skills to create lovey valentine birds!
  • Ages: 7-11-year-olds
  • Sign up here | $15

Valentine's BINGO - ABC Recognition

  • A review of ABC recognition in this one-time class by playing a Valentine BINGO game.
  • Ages: 3-5-year-olds
  • Sign up here | $7

I Love You - Valentine's Day - Learn Beginner Ukulele Songs

  • In this Valentine's Day-themed ongoing course for beginner ukulele learners, we will talk about music fundamentals, practice different rhythmic patterns, and learn ukulele basic strumming and 2-3 basic chords.
  • Ages: 4-8-year-olds
  • Sign up here | $12

Baking/Cooking a Valentine’s Day Pizza

  • In this one-time class, learners will make the dough and assemble a heart-shaped pizza.
  • Ages: 7-12-year-olds
  • Sign up here | $15

Valentine Heart Chromatography: Science Meets Art

  • In this single class, students will be conducting a scientific experiment to explore chromatography (a fun lab technique) that will be used to make valentines.
  • Ages: 7-10-year-olds
  • Sign up here | $10

Cupid's Animals: Biology/Zoology of Valentine's Day-Themed Animals

  • Cupid is celebrating Valentine's Day with his animal friends. Help us deliver Cupid's cards to spread love and friendship as we learn about the biology of lovebirds, heart-nosed bats, kissing fish, flamingos, and doves.
  • Ages: 4-8-year-olds
  • Sign up here | $10

Creative Coding Class: Code Valentine's Day Card in Scratch

  • In this 90-minute creative coding class, students will design and code an interactive Valentine's Day card in Scratch.
  • Ages: 6-10-year-olds
  • Sign up here | $29

Gnomes Hidden Valentine Candy: Math Escape Room

  • The Valentine gnomes have hidden all the candy! To find it, learners will trek through a maze of locked doors solving word problems, math puzzles, and riddles while collecting clues along the way.
  • Ages: 9-11-year-olds
  • Sign up here | $15

Explore more fun Valentine’s Day online classes for kids.

Here’s hoping that you get the “good” chocolate this holiday. And that your Valentine’s is filled with love for learning.


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