Outschool 💙 Teachers

May 8, 2020

We’re coming to the end of Teacher Appreciation Week. It really should be Teacher Appreciation Year, especially this year.

Young people are such a treasure and puzzle -- curious and sweet, sometimes frustrating, and every one unique. Day after day, you embrace the challenge of helping them grow. Your craft requires patience and preparation, energy and improvisation, knowledge, kindness and a deep desire to help others. You play an important and memorable role in their lives, even if you sometimes never hear about the impact you have on a child.

Supporting kids’ learning is always challenging and sometimes thankless. Parents and society entrust you with such an important task, often with too few resources and too little support. In 2020, you met this challenge swiftly and gracefully while facing a global pandemic, quarantine and mass school closures -- events that came upon us all unexpectedly and quickly.

Those of you who have been with us for a while have been through a rollercoaster, handling a huge jump in requests and expectations from parents over the past 8 weeks. Thousands of you have come onboard recently. You’ve learned fast and adapted your craft to this new format of learning. Many of you are teachers by profession, using every ounce of your training to reach learners in a new way. Many of you are coming from other domains, excited to share your unique skills, creativity and entrepreneurialism with kids around the world. You needed to learn quickly, and you did, often with the support of other teachers in our community.

You’re now playing a critical role in hundreds of thousands of families’ lives. Families desperately need support from teachers who offer safe, engaging ways to develop their kids’ love of learning. That need will remain beyond the current crisis. In a fast-changing world, there will always be a need for modern, skilled, compassionate and passionate teachers like you.

I want to thank you and welcome you all, and extend my appreciation of your work -- far beyond this one week. Thank you for creating joyful learning experiences amidst all this change and growth. It’s our honor to serve you.

Outschool 💙 teachers and so do our learners -- hear from them directly:

Amir Nathoo

Amir is co-founder and Head of Outschool.