Swing Education x Outschool

With school closures generating a spike in demand for remote learning, we are excited to announce a partnership with Swing Education and Outschool to bring more high quality teachers and classes to schools across the country.

For the month of April, any Swing sub that teaches a class on Outschool is eligible for an additional $50 bonus once you get your first class approved and section posted online.

Why teach with Outschool?

  • Impact: In under two weeks, you can be teaching live online classes and helping students and families right now
  • Flexibility: You set your schedule to times that work for you
  • Creativity: You teach what you love, the way you believe it should be taught. You pick the subject
  • Financial Security: You set the prices for your classes and most teachers report earnings of $40 per teaching hour or more. With unusually high demand, classes fill up quickly.  Plus, Outschool is offering teachers from Swing Education $50 once your first class gets approved and published.  That is $50 before you even teach.

About Outschool

Outschool is a marketplace of live online classes for kids ages 3-18. Classes meet in small groups over live video chat where students are safely connected with teachers and classmates who share their interests. These classes are offered through our marketplace and conducted on our remote learning platform, powered by Zoom. Live online group classes are more engaging and valuable than passive online content through being social. At the same time, they have the benefits of online learning for access and convenience. Outschool’s team and community of teachers have more expertise in this type of learning than any other US-based organization having had 120K students attend more than 400K class hours.

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  1. How will I get paid? Is it through Swing or Outschool?
    Outschool will pay you directly via Paypal.
  2. What if I don’t have a Paypal account?
    This is the only way Outschool is able to pay teachers so you will need to create one or use a friend’s!
  3. Can I still work on the Swing platform once schools come back?
    Yes, absolutely! Your account will be active and as soon as schools come back, you can start accepting requests on the Swing platform
  4. Do I need to go through a separate onboarding process?
    Outschool will provide you with the onboarding, training and support you need to be successful.  Outschool offers calls, webinars and online materials to help you onboard and focuses on helping you get online quickly
  5. Does Outschool take taxes out?
    No, they don't. You will be working as an independent contractor.
  6. How often can I work on the Outschool platform?
    You can sign up to teach as many classes as you think you can teach well and that your schedule allows. Some teachers teach full time (~40 hours / week) while others teach only a few hours. We typically recommend starting with 20 hours / week so you have time for planning, designing etc. You choose what is best for you.
  7. How long does it take to get set up / to start earning?
    From the time you submit your application to the time you start teaching is typically 1-2 weeks - but a lot of it depends how quickly you are able to design and list your first class. You may want to start designing your class right after you submit your application so you have it ready to go!
  8. Do I need to have remote teaching experience to join Outschool?
    No, you do not need any previous experience - in fact, most teachers don’t. Outschool will give you tools, training and resources to help you be successful.
  9. How much can I earn (Outschool says it depends on what you set the price of the class at / but doesn’t give a range of what classes generally cost)
    Your earnings will depend on what your classes cost (most teachers charge $10-$15 per learner per hour in class), and how many people sign up.
    On average teachers earn more $40 /hr
    To illustrate: if you set your class at $12 per learner hour and 8 kids sign up that would be $96 total and you keep 70% of that so you would take home $67
  10. What topics should I offer?
    We encourage you to teach classes on topics you are passionate about and experienced with, and ideally that you have taught before. We welcome classes on all subjects and in all formats, for learners up to age 18. We generally suggest offering a range of classes including short-form introductory classes that meet 1-4 times, as well as longer form semester-long classes.
  11. How do I get the $50 bonus?                                                                           You need to get one class approved and published by April 30, 2020

Learn more on Outschool’s  FAQ Page