School closures

Outschool offers live online classes for kids, conducted over video chat. We can help students continue learning at home by providing a safe, vetted, and fun classroom experience, led by highly qualified teachers.

On March 13, we launched where we were able to make $1M of classes available for free thanks to our generous donors to support public school families affected by closures in the wake of COVID-19.  

Want to help families in need?

If you would like to match Outschool and help fund this program, you can donate here:

If your organization would like to donate to this program, please reach out to

For Organizations and Camps

Outschool can now support organizations who want to bring classes and programming to learners all over the globe through live online classes.

The first set of amazing organizations offering classes on Outschool include: Bay Area Children's Theatre, Pretzel Kids®, Young Art, IDEA Lab, Academic Approach, and more coming soon!

For Employers

Outschool is proud to partner with employers to support their teams during this unprecedented time, as families navigate the challenges of remote work and school closures.

If you're an employee or employer who would like explore Outschool classes as a family benefit, please reach out to

Outschool gives children ages 3-18 a safe and fun online learning environment to explore their interests. Outschool parents have peace of mind that their children are engaged in enriching activities, giving them a rare moment to focus on important work.

For Educators

Our team and community have more expertise in how to run online group classes over live video than any other US-based organization, having had 200K learners attend over 750K class hours on our platform.

We’re offering free teacher training, webinars and resources for educators and district leaders on how to adapt their teaching practices and curriculum to a live video chat classroom. This is not our core business - we simply want to help schools respond to this health crisis as a community service.

You can also reach out to at any time with questions. We're in this together, and we want to help.

Want to teach on Outschool?

Outschool is looking 5,000 teachers to start offering online classes:

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