Say the Word: Instill Confidence in Your Child Through Public Speaking

For Parents Apr 5, 2022

Public speaking is a top fear. Many kids grow up hesitating to talk in front of others because they're afraid of making mistakes. Not everyone has the "it's all in the past" mindset where you make a mistake and forget about it. Anxiety is a formidable enemy; kids need the right tools to defeat it and gain confidence.

Your child may get experience in speaking by talking with friends in groups and in class settings, but there are many points for improvement that they may miss out on. Their friends most likely won't give them feedback on how to improve. Even class presentations can go without public speaking advice. So what can you do? It's time to call in the experts who teach public speaking and speech classes for kids.

What level is best for my child?

When selecting a class, it is best to determine whether your child is at the beginner, intermediate, or expert-level. If they are struggling to have the confidence to stand in front of people, then they may be at the starting line, and that's OK. If your child has some experience with public speaking, they may just need to polish their skills.

A beginner's course for Ongoing Public Speaking is offered by Ms. Lindsey. She works with students to become more confident with their public speaking skills and critical thinking through a variety of activities. Her class is open to anyone with any skill set or knowledge.

If your kid wants to try debating, check out Ms. Cindy's Declaim, Recite, Hold Forth! Speech and Debate for Beginners. In her classes, students are introduced to and asked to participate in key forms of speech and debate, focusing on crafting and delivering memorable speeches of power and eloquence.

If your child already has the confidence but struggles to arrange their thoughts, then an intermediate class may be the one for them. It may be time to join the public speaking and debate club by Elizabeth Green's Public Speaking & Debate Club. In this class, learners consistently practice their public speaking and debate skills through team debating.

Is your child a literature fan? Then it may be best to include them in Ms. Cindy Frank's SPAR LIT Jr: Understanding Literature Through Speech and Debate Techniques classes. In her multi-session course, they will explore the deeper meanings of Madeleine L'Engle's Newbery Award-winning A Wrinkle in Time through discussion and SPAR (spontaneous argumentation) debate.

If you feel like your child has already acquired strong public speaking skills and they want to continue gaining experience, check out  the Public Speaking & Impromptu Speech 102 - Vocabulary Challenge class. Students learn how to make a compelling speech out of thin air in this course, but with a twist.

When your child is already comfortable debating and public speaking, it's time to make the experience more social. The Debate Alliance's advanced Ongoing Speech and Debate Club may be ideal for your child. These classes teach kids how to write speeches, form arguments, broaden research skills, and practice critical thinking while interacting with their peers in a meaningful way.

Find the best Outschool class and start your child's public speaking and speech career today!


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