Outschool now Exclusively Offers Online Classes

Jan 23, 2017

Last year, Outschool began offering live online classes, and they are now far more popular than our in-person activities in California. We're a small team, but we want to make a big difference, so we must focus. We've decided to focus on online classes exclusively.

Live online classes work really well for everyone. Kids love being able to ask questions and engage in discussion alongside other learners like them. Parents appreciate the amazing range of options and the easy convenience of joining a live class from home, no travel time or extra expense required. And passionate teachers around the country get to offer their favorite lessons to the most engaged groups they've ever worked with.

We've already been working hard to make our online classes great. We made it easy for teachers to lead live, interactive sessions. We also made the process of joining a class simple on any device. Many parents and kids write in after taking their first ever online class on Outschool. They say it's far easier and more memorable than they ever hoped.

We're sure that we can do even better. We have a full list of ideas, most suggested by learners and parents. Our sleeves are rolled up, and our coffee mugs are full.

If you haven't yet tried learning live online, you can get started with one of these short classes. Let's make 2017 a great year for online learning!

Here’s what our teachers and parents are saying:

"I seriously cannot say enough about this website. We have taken several classes and have had a great experience. For January alone we have 18 hours of classes and then I always add an extra 30 minutes after the class to discuss it so that's a lot of homeschooling to add to our list." - Angie B (parent)

"I'm really enjoying my students. I seem to get students from different time zones, and this time I got a student from Russia! Pretty cool indeed." - Christine J (teacher)

"Outschool is a great idea. I have a child who is in public school and we are looking for after/before school ideas to try new subjects or dig into areas of interest. The online options reduces the driving logistics.” - Christina H (parent)

"Outschool is a superb teacher/learner platform! The students are terrific. The site is crazy simple - it only takes me a few hours to create a good course description to go with my class content. I highly recommend Outschool to any teacher or student!” - Gloria B (teacher)

"The real live interaction works best and kids of all ages were able to critically think and discuss the issues together." - Erica (parent)

Try your first live online class now and let us know your questions and feedback by emailing support@outschool.com.

Amir Nathoo

Amir is co-founder and Head of Outschool.