What educators on Outschool wish parents knew

For Teachers Jun 14, 2022

Educators who teach on Outschool arrive at our platform from all different walks of life. Some have decades of experience teaching in-person, or they're expert homeschoolers. Others teach specialty subjects you can't find anywhere else – the list goes on!

We believe the diverse backgrounds of our educators and the families they teach are what make Outschool such an empowering place to learn.

Our virtual educators are incredible. Many showcase their special skills in their profiles, or you can see how their personality and teaching style shine in class preview videos. But there’s so much more that families don't see, the daily behind-the-scenes work educators do to make every learning experience memorable.

We were curious, and we thought you might be too.

So today, we want to draw back the curtain. Keep reading to find out what educators wish parents knew about teaching on Outschool, including what it really means to run an online teaching business and host virtual classes.

Virtual doesn’t mean less connected

Over and over again, educators told us how meaningful their connections with online learners are. Seeing the same kids’ and teens’ faces in their virtual classroom each week is the reason many choose to teach on Outschool.

I think about my students as much as I did when we were in a brick-and-mortar classroom. These virtual communities are very ‘real.’ - Judy Harrison
I love meeting learners who are as passionate about learning and history as I am. Their insight and passion make me want to work harder! - Tina Hugall
[I want parents to know] how much I care about what I teach, as well as each individual learner. We all really put our hearts into what we do. - Tracey Hillquist
I take great pride in providing your child with a valuable education. I appreciate that you have chosen me to be a part of their educational journey. - Amy Karow
The energy students give, feeds my energy to keep giving back. I love the aha moments. - Sara Moore

Just because they're not in the same room doesn't make the connection any less meaningful – for your child or their teacher.

Educators work extra hours outside the classroom

What your learners see when they tune in for a live class or log into a self-paced course is the result of hours (and hours) of hard work and intentional planning.

Educators on Outschool are empowered to create their own curriculum and design each of their classes to match their expertise and unique learning outcomes.

Side note, if you would like an educator to customize or adapt their class for your child’s neurodiverse or special needs, you can learn more about how to request that here.

While educators set the prices for their classes based on many factors, a major one is how much time the course takes to prepare and teach.

A 25-minute class could take an hour or more to create. There's a lot of thought and consideration put into creating a course, especially as we consider modifications and accommodations to meet all learners’ needs. - Jade Weatherington
I lesson plan six days a week and contribute to discussion postings every day. I also review, grade, and comment on assignments and research papers every day. I constantly research for better tools, curriculum, and information to keep my classes up-to-date and relevant. - Kai Kafferly
Many teachers plan and prepare the initial lesson, then plan out options and alternatives to make sure our classrooms are inclusive and safe for all students who enroll. - Liisi Carr

(Here are a few ways we strive to stand with LGBTQ+ learners.)

Hours of research go into each lesson! For each 45-minute class, I probably spend two to five hours pouring over articles, books, and videos. - Tina Hugall

Our educators are working tirelessly to ensure each of their Outschool classes is just what your family needs.

Educators love feedback from families

Teachers want to hear from you! Because Outschool encourages educators to create classes on almost any topic, your input could help an educator design the perfect course for your learner. Many educators will ask for comments and questions from families before and after a class takes place to make sure their lessons are just what you’re looking for.

In the very beginning, students would ask me if I had other classes or a specific themed class. I took down all their suggestions and have created classes around them! I believe I have at least 100 different themed classes or more! It’s kind of addicting creating new classes! - Deanna Clover
I have developed nearly all my courses based on parent and learner feedback. It's really great when parents send a message explaining their child's needs and their desires for their growth in the class. - Jade Weatherington
During the semester, I always ask teens for suggestions to make the class better. At the end of a class, I send a survey — one to parents and one to teens — and incorporate relevant feedback into future classes. - Kai Kafferly
I always take feedback from families into account and am constantly tweaking and updating all of my different class types. I am always trying to make my classes better and more accessible to all my students! - Anneliese Autry

Have feedback or a great idea? Please share it with your Outschool educators. They genuinely want to hear it.

Educators appreciate your support

At the end of the day, parents and caregivers are the ones choosing to encourage their learners to explore their passions on Outschool. Educators appreciate the work you do to get your learner ready for class. From reading the materials list in advance to making sure your learner’s tech is working and ready to go — you play an important role in the Outschool experience, which doesn’t go unnoticed.

Thank you for everything you do to support the learning of your young person. It helps make teaching them a joy. - Hannah Jones

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Kate Rhodes

Kate is a Content Specialist at Outschool. She's skilled at organizing complex information into clear communication that grabs attention and builds trust with diverse audiences.