Passport to the World: Online Travel Classes

For Parents Jun 3, 2022

We get it. There's nothing like the feeling of vacation, for you and for kids. If real world travel isn't an option for your family right now, online travel classes may be just the first-class ticket your child needs as we embark on summer.

Travel can be an important part of child development, promoting curiosity, fostering creativity, and lending the opportunity to explore new cultures and languages, as well as a fun way to get a handle on geography. The good news is, your child can still engage in travel, even without a passport. And there are benefits to seeing and learning about new places online, including easy scheduling for young explorers (no need to skip nap time!), budget-friendly adventures, and the opportunity to tailor a trip to specific interests.

At Outschool, we set learning free, and our online travel classes help learners explore famous cities, art from around the world, and more. Here are just a few of our offerings:

Art Around the Word Travel Explorer Series, With Miss Una is an interactive, ongoing class for ages 6-10. Learners will create art after virtually traveling to locales including China and Egypt. Each week brings creative inspo from a destination as participants make pieces such as a Sydney harbor painting, a version of a Peruvian Inca rug, and a watercolor of a very adorable and British Paddington Bear. More incentive to hop on board? It's 50% off the first class with code UNAHALFTRIALS.

Writing Summer Camp: Vacation and Travel Edition is a 4-day summer camp where learners can put their travel dreams from pen to paper. Narrative writing, short stories, and poetry are explored in the course for kids ages 8-12. Participants get to share their work with peers and are taught about constructive feedback and how to encourage one another.

Kids can say Ciao! to Italy in the Italian Summer Camp for Beginners and Travelers. This introductory course (no prior Italian language experience required) for ages 8-13 takes students across the ocean with instruction on Italian language and culture. They'll learn how to say the days of the week, popular greetings, how to order in a restaurant, and garner other conversational skills, while working on pronunciation and intonation.

Young time travelers can head back to the 1800's in the Oregon Trail Wagon Train Adventure, a one-time class that explores the west. What was it like to travel by wagon? What did kids do for fun back then? What kind of animals did they see? These questions (and more!) are covered through visual learning and conversation.

The Tiny Travelers Club — Weekly Scavenger Hunts Around the World! makes geography fun as learners travel to a new destination each week through an online scavenger hunt. This interactive, ongoing course, for ages 4-7, introduces learners to basic facts about countries in a fun and engaging format. Each week, kids add pages to their travel scrapbooks and color in country flags as they adventure around the world with their peers.  

Explore Outschool travel classes here.


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