Awesome Online Summer Camps

For Parents May 16, 2022

When you were a kid, summer camp may have meant sleeping in a bunk bed in humid weather and battling mosquito bites. We've set learning free and today's kids can "camp" from their backyard, the comfort of home, or on a family vacation.

Online summer camps offer a number of benefits — to both parent and child — including flexibility, variety, and affordability. It's important to note that summer camp does not mean summer school. Summer school is usually an obligatory class or school session where a student has to retake a class with rigorous classwork, while summer camp offers shorter sessions that are less structured and are focused on students having fun while learning and pursuing their interests.

Online summer camps also provide your kids with some of the same benefits as traditional summer camps, such as increased self-esteem, independence, and the development of lifelong skills,  just in an online environment.

If you’re looking for out-of-the-box ideas for an online summer camp for your child, it’s not too late! Outschool has online summer camps for kids of all ages and interests. Here's a sampling:

Is your child an outdoor adventurer? Outschool’s Summer Camp - Wilderness Survival! is calling their name! During this one-week online summer camp, children ages 9 to 12 will learn the basics of wilderness survival. The camp meets four times per week for 40 minutes per class and will cover topics including how to build a fire, basic first aid techniques, and navigation.

Do you have an aspiring author or accelerated reader on your hands? The Summer Literature Camp (designed for students ages 11-13) is a three-week class where students study the elements of stories that make up contemporary middle-grade literature and apply each to an excerpt from a popular middle-grade novel. Some of the activities they will participate in include short written assignments that are completed individually and shared with the class for feedback in group discussions and games.

Do you have a budding astronaut? The multi-part Out of This World! Summer Space Camp takes kids on a deep-dive into our solar system in this multi-day class. Designed for participants ages 7-12, this exploration of planets, dwarf planets, comets, astroids, and shooting stars is out of this world.

If your child is a techie and loves all things computers and coding, we’ve got a camp for them. Our Machine Learning in Python With Raspberry Pi & Sensors online summer camp is a 10-week camp that teaches students to program in Python to control various electronic modules that connect to Raspberry Pi, including LED lights, buzzers, servos, ultrasonic sensors, IR sensors, and more using machine learning models. This camp is great for students ages 11 to 16.

Browse Outschool summer camps here.
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