Online Spanish Classes For Kids

For Parents Apr 26, 2022

Children of all ages can have fun learning Spanish while reaping the many benefits of knowing a second language. Research shows several benefits of being bilingual including:

  • Improves cognitive processes involved in goal-oriented behavior
  • Enhances language abilities and visual language distinction
  • Rewires the brain functionally and neurologically

More recently, bilingualism has been on the rise around the world — the number of U.S. residents who speak a foreign language at home nearly doubled from 11% in 1980 to 21.9% in 2018. At Outschool, we understand the importance of learning a second language from an early age. That’s why we offer a wide range of online Spanish classes to meet the different needs of students.

Choosing an online Spanish class for your child

Selecting the right class can be daunting when there are so many to choose from. Consider your child’s age, level, learning style, and interests to guide you in deciding which classes are most suitable. To help get you started, here’s a roundup of online Spanish classes for kids at Outschool:

If your child is 4-7 years old and has no prior experience learning how to speak Spanish, then Spanish for Beginners Fun With SeÑor Panda and Maestra Gonzales is a great class. Each class focuses on a different topic, including colors, days of the week, family, animals, and more. This online immersion course (70% Spanish and 30% English) is taught by a native bilingual speaker — along with her cute furry friend — and meets once a week for nine sessions. You can sign your child up for this ongoing class anytime—there’s no need for them to play catch-up. They’ll be able to participate in live video chats and forum discussions with a small group of other kids their age.

If your child is 9-14 years old and has a basic knowledge of Spanish, then this class is a terrific option. They’ll use what they’ve already learned by learning new grammar rules, asking questions, and having conversations in Spanish. Practice makes perfect, and the Spanish for Advanced Beginners: Questions, Grammar, and Conversations! course will help your child work towards becoming more fluent. They’ll get plenty of time to speak out loud, building proficiency and gaining confidence. Whether your child is a 3-year-old preschooler or an 18-year-old high schooler, they’ll get one-on-one attention based on a professional Spanish language curriculum.

Looking for a private class? The Spanish Private 1-On-1 Full Course With Spanish Speaker From Spain Professional is designed to take students from the basic ABCs to full conversations. Your child will enjoy learning through games, activities, music, and more, all in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

We just can’t go without talking about Bruno! Your little one would be super excited to join this class. They’ll learn how to count in Spanish and dance along to songs from the Encanto movie. This easy 30-minute class is all the rage for kids ages 3-7 years old.  Encanto: Dance, Numbers in Espanol and Bruno! is a one-time course. These short lessons are ideal if you’re looking to try things out or explore different teachers.

Find many more fun online Spanish classes kids love at Outschool today!


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