If Beethoven Had Been Online: Piano Classes For Kids

For Parents Apr 12, 2022

Beethoven, Martha Argerich, Kit Armstrong, and Chopin were all masters of the piano who debuted at a young age. Does this mean that having good genes is the only way for a child to learn piano?

While one's DNA may be a factor, it's not the only one and having fun can be as important as skill level. Not all kids have to be musical geniuses. Learning to play the piano can be a fulfilling hobby and help round out your child's online education.  

Fortunately, now everyone can be connected to top-notch classes with the help of the Internet. Even if the best piano teacher is thousands of miles away, your child can still get quality lessons from a trained expert. Online piano classes for kids also offer a variety of formats so you can choose one that's ideal.

Choosing the perfect class

Music is a passion that can be enjoyed individually or as a group. Some kids like to play the piano with their friends, while others like to focus on gaining new skills through one-on-one lessons. Whatever your child's needs, Outschool has a class for them. Here's a sampling:

In Piano 101: A Beginner Piano Lesson, students learn the fundamentals of playing the piano, and learners will get a feel of what piano lessons are like. This course doesn't require a piano.

In the Early Intermediate to Advance Learners, Weekly Private Piano Lessons, the focus is on technique (i.e., scales, chords, arpeggios), varying repertoire (classical music, film and pop music, church music), and music theory.

If your child would like to spend time talking about music with their fellow enthusiasts, The Piano Hangout and Motivation Group is ideal for all levels. Learners get access to weekly practice challenges, have discussions with other piano students, and celebrate progress as they continue to improve their piano playing together.

Discover Piano in One-On-One Lessons Weekly! promises to improve piano skills and advance learners to the next level. The class incorporates techniques to help students build confidence and grow through creative musical expression.

Playful Piano Journey: Flex Piano Lessons is a great fit if your child finds it hard to study the piano during a fixed date and time. 30-minute live classes are shared with six other students. Kids are able to watch and play along with detailed teaching videos that they can pause and rewind. They practice their homework assignments and post videos of their pieces in the classroom for feedback and encouragement.

Jumpstart your child's musical journey and find the best Outschool class today.


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