Project Funway: Online Fashion Classes For Kids

For Parents Apr 15, 2022

Kid’s fashion and children’s apparel are projected to continue to be a popular and growing $21+ billion market. As you’ve probably already noticed, kids are now participating in their own fashion trends, driving the market with their own fashion sense, and playing influencer roles like never before.

As part of those trends, our young fashion designers, influencers, and consumers are also inspiring eco-friendly designs and sustainable clothing brands to make even more of a difference in the world of fashion. When your child learns about fashion, they get more than just a way to express their creative side. They gain confidence, powerful skills and talent, and a way to make a difference in the way they look and feel, as well as how their fashion choices impact the world. Online fashion classes for kids can help develop a creative passion in ways that will last a lifetime.

A brief history

Our modern conception of fashion began in the 19th century with Charles-Frédéric Worth and his haute couture salons. Clothing has always played a role in culture, but those salons introduced the idea of models parading around in clothing with wealthy patrons looking on. It was the start of something completely new and revolutionary.

Since then, the idea of making a first and lasting impression has gained momentum. Fashion is a creative expression of self and a way to demonstrate self-actualization, but it’s also fun, vibrant, alive, and always changing. That’s why online fashion classes are so perfect and fun for kids. They get to tap into the fun, dynamic aspect of fashion while focusing on the trends they love the most.

Why fashion is important for your child

Fashion classes are a great way for all kids to express their unique sense of style. They can be ideal for kids who have already shown they love art, design, and crafts. It’s also an opportunity for kids who’ve never really tried design, but they’d like to explore the maker philosophy.

Fashion is a world that can open up new realms of possibilities for your kids. It doesn’t only take one kind of kid. You might be surprised to see a whole different side of your child’s personality as they dig in and discover they really enjoy learning how to make apparel that’s just perfect for them.

There’s more than one way to learn about fashion. Your child’s interest level, passion, and age will all be part of what will help you decide which classes are right for them. Here are a few classes that will introduce your child to the world of fashion while giving them the skills and expertise they’ll need as they pursue their passion:

Fashion Designers: Fashion Sketching Group is a great place for kids ages 8-13 to start with their fashion experience. It’s also a place for your child to see and learn from other kids who share the same interests.

Another great way to introduce your child to the world of fashion and artistic expression is via this Design Team Challenge: Fashion Sketch Club.There’s a new challenge every week, so the team of designers (ages 8-12) must quickly learn to brainstorm, sketch, and let their creativity shine. It’s a wonderful way for your child to connect with fellow designers while being artistic and learning how to create fashion.

Fashion Design: History, Vocabulary, and Drawing Club is an ongoing course for ages 9-13. The class offers insight into the vocabulary of fashion while supporting students as they draw fashion designs each week. It provides an introduction to the history of fashion while also tapping into the artistic side of fashion study.

Sign up for the class your child will love

This process is one of the easiest selections you’ll ever make. Just look at the fun and entertaining collection of classes. They range from sketching to challenges, with some history and academics thrown in too. The teachers are fun and talented, which means that the classes fill up fast, too.

If you’re seeing this post, you probably already know your child will love these classes, or you might have an inkling that these young designers might help your artistic child find new ways of expression through fashion. Now, all you have to do is find the perfect fashion class for your child.

Sign up at Outschool today, and then watch your child blossom as they embrace design and fashion.


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