Jr. Chef: Online Culinary Classes For Kids

For Parents May 27, 2022

Maybe your kiddo grabs a seat next to you on the couch every time you cue up an episode of "The Great British Baking Show" or is always at the ready with a whisk and a smile during dinner prep. Not all children have to be budding chefs, but skills learned in the kitchen can translate into other areas of a child's life and help them garner tools including following instructions, organizing tasks, learning about food and nutrition, safety with appliances, cleaning up, managing a budget, and becoming self-sufficient. So whether it's a trending TikTok pasta or hack for mashed potatoes, a simple blender snack, or grandma's tried-and-true lasagna, kids of all ages can benefit from cooking, and online culinary classes can build confidence in the kitchen.

Here are a few of the cooking and baking classes available through Outschool:

Chocolate chip? Ginger snap? Who doesn't love a fresh baked cookie, especially kids! The After School Cookies (Flex Class) runs for four weeks and is designed for learners 8-13. Aspiring bakers will learn to read a recipe and bake cookies in this flexible format without required live meetings.

Independent Cooking: A Teen Cooking Class meets weekly to foster culinary skills and independence. If helping your teen get ready to cook when they go away to college isn't enough incentive, the planned menus of tacos, lasagna, and French toast are sure to tempt an enrollment.

Let your young chef travel the world through food in International Kids Cooking. Culinary dishes from China, France, Germany, and Japan are covered in this multi-day course designed for learners 7-12. Fried rice, crepes and pretzels are just a few tasty things on the course menu.

Cooking for Kiddos (Oven-Free Cooking) makes use of microwaves, toasters, and blenders to keep young learners (3-8) safe in the kitchen as they follow videos to learn kitchen rules and prepare goodies like banana ice cream. Reflection questions are submitted online and the class culminates in learners developing their own snack recipe.

Dietary choices and healthy eating is promoted in Cooking Wholesome Foods (Vegan/Vegetarian Options). This flex class presents mini health lessons including "What Fruits and Vegetables Do For Your Body" and "The Scoop On Sugar." Acai bowls, watermelon ice, and smoothies are a few of the vegan/vegetarian options that are fun, nutritious options presented to learners 6-11.

Find Outschool culinary classes here.


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