Ready, Set, a New Look at Outschool

For Parents May 11, 2022

Wait for it … OK, you can open your eyes now. We’ve got a new look and we hope you like it! We have reimagined what it means to learn, and we are ready to bring the world into our work. And while our look may be different, our commitment to you — parents, kids, and educators — remains the same.  

From the start, Outschool created a platform for kids to become more creative, adaptable, empowered, and inspired. Because we know that kids who love to learn don’t just prepare for the future — they create it. And Outschool is dedicated to helping them get there.  

How? We set learning free.

School doesn’t have to be about memorizing a list of state capitals. Or getting bogged down in math equations that are never put to use. Outschool promotes curiosity. We connect kids with empathetic and kind teachers who are mentors, and diverse peers who share their passion. We empower kids with an endless possibility of fun, unique, and flexible classes. At Outschool, kids are seen and heard and encouraged. We make sure they have the space to ask questions, the room to share their ideas, and the confidence to explore their creativity. Because they’ll need those skills when they’re working on the International Space Station, or leading a team of medical researchers, or running their own pottery studio. Confidence, passion, a sense of wonder, and never-ending curiosity can come from a public speaking class, a Spanish one-on-one tutoring session, or a marine biology camp. We know because we see it every day at Outschool.

So now we’re going to close our eyes (don’t worry, we’ll get back to work in a sec to keep bringing you amazing classes). We’ll even share our wish. We want to help your child find their passion. We want to help them feel confident and free and connected. Our wish is to open up a world beyond the classroom for all kids. Thanks for being a part of the journey.

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With thousands of options for classes, camps, and tutors, learners are inspired to connect with inspiring teachers, build new skills, develop new passions, and forge new friendships from home.