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Could Virtual Camp Be The Answer For Working Parents This Summer?
Wondering what to do with kids this summer given social distancing recommendations...maybe virtual camp is the answer?
Why Trying to Re-create School at Home Isn’t Working
And what you should be doing to encourage independent learning while your kids are at home.
FOX 11 Job Finder: Outschool looking to hire teachers to keep up with high demand of homeschooling
Educators looking for supplemental income, professionals with a certain skill, this week’s job finder is for you.
Everyone’s Out Of School: How Outschool Is Making Virtual Learning Personal
Though Outschool’s online learning platform has been around since 2015, they have grown rapidly over the last few weeks, so much so that they have needed to rapidly onboard 5K new teachers.
120,000 Students Are Taking Class Through This Startup’s Homeschooling Website
The coronavirus pandemic has led to a spike in demand for education technology company Outschool.
Family Going Stir Crazy? These Apps, Websites and Games Could Help
There are tech solutions for kids’ complaints of boredom, things to keep them moving, playing, meditating and learning
These are the new hot spots of innovation in the time of coronavirus
Entrepreneurs are innovating in new ways as a result of the coronavirus. Potential examples include virus resistant nanoparticles for health worker protective gear and home schooling solutions, CEO of global start-up accelerator The Founder Institute Adeo Ressi tells CNBC Make It.
Help wanted: Coronavirus and job prospects for U.S. workers
Jobless claims have skyrocketed in the face of an unprecedented health crisis, but there are job openings at firms accommodating a nation undergoing a pandemic
Home-Schooling Tweens and Teens During Coronavirus Closings
Advice from experts and home-schoolers on what do with your children if their schools are closed.
Schools are prepping for coronavirus quarantines by leaning into remote learning
The potential for long-term school closures is boosting edtech companies—though some closed schools are just using Google Hangouts.
Are these online classes taught by actual teachers the easiest way to homeschool?
We tried Outschool to find out.
What to do with your kids when schools are canceled
A mom who homeschools shares her secrets for getting through weeks at home with your children.
101+ Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy During Coronavirus Closures
Running out of rainy day ideas? This list can keep your children occupied for weeks at home.
Wake County woman virtually teaches students around globe quarantined during coronavirus spread
As COVID-19 continues to spread, one Wake County woman is virtually teaching quarantined students all over the world.
How to Use Zoom for Online Learning - Zoom Blog
Zoom has a wealth of experience helping educational institutions optimize the Zoom platform for virtual classrooms and online learning. Learn more...
Coronavirus impact: Preparing for possible school closures in the South Bay as COVID-19 continues to spread
“I think that it’s important for us to keep the panic away.”
Education World Reacts to Coronavirus: The Latest Developments - EdSurge News
As of early March, the COVID-19 coronavirus has put about 300 million students out of school around the world, as communities and whole countries try ...
Fun ways to keep kids busy at home
It’s more important than ever to build in time for joy and play. Fortunately for us parents trying to keep kids busy and engaged at home during extended social distancing, parks, artists, companies and institutions are putting their collective creativity to good use, offering free virtual experience…
Homeschooling Pros Say You Don’t Need to Recreate Your Kid’s Exact School Schedule to Be Successful
Learning at home will look different than a traditional six- or seven-hour school day.
19 online learning resources for kids
How you can help them at home during school closures.
Startup Outschool is Helping Teachers and Students Prepare for Possible Coronavirus Quarantines
Outschool is a San Francisco-based startup that offers live, online classes by videoconference for homeschoolers or students that would like extra help. The company is helping schools prepare for possible shut downs, due to the coronavirus, by offering free teacher trainings. Amir Nathoo, CEO of Out…
East Bay school considers online classes if coronavirus causes closures
An East Bay school is considering online classes in case schools need to close as the coronavirus/COVID-19 spreads across the state.
Startups with Sanaz: Outschool
The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the Bay Area is increasing. In an effort to further prevent the spread of the virus, a number of Bay Area schools have already closed down, and many others are preparing to close. On this edition of Startups with Sanaz... we’re learning more about a compa…
Coronavirus impact: Contra Costa County takes precautions against COVID-19 despite no cases
“You have to live your life...you have to keep going.”
Amid coronavirus fears, the CDC told schools to plan for remote learning. That’s harder than it sounds.
Most school districts do not have plans for continuing instruction during an extended closure, but several are considering it despite several challenges they would face.
Schools moving online to fight coronavirus fall into digital divide
Schools must grapple with students who lack home internet access as they consider moving the classroom to the cloud.
Students Are Petitioning for School Closures Because of Coronavirus
If you have a child in school right now, you may have received a number of letters sent home about precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, a.k.a. the coronavirus. Keep your kids home if they’re sick. Sing “Happy Birthday” when washing your hands, and so on. What most of t…
Coronavirus closing schools, offices: A guide to working from home
Schools and businesses across the country are telling employees and students to stay home and work via computer to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Students Are Petitioning for School Closures Because of Coronavirus — But Will It Help?
If you have a child in school right now, you may have received a number of letters sent home about precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, a.k.a. the coronavirus. Keep your kids home if they’re sick. Sing “Happy Birthday” when washing your hands, and so on. What
Closing Schools To Slow a Pandemic - Education Next
Balancing potential public health benefits against the cost of keeping parents away from work.
How can edtech help us weather school closures?
My level of anxiety has risen steadily as the coronavirus crisis has unfolded in China, around the world, and now in my local community. I worry about my 87-year-old father who struggles fighting a…
Coronavirus is poised to inflame inequality in schools
Unequal internet access is just the tip of the iceberg as most schools are completely unprepared virtual learning and coronavirus.
Coronavirus May Lead to “Mass Homeschooling” | Kerry McDonald
An article this week in The Wall Street Journal declares that “coronavirus prompts a whole city to try home schooling.”







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