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Online Math Tutors For Every Age

For Parents May 13, 2022

If you think back for a moment, you might remember when your child loved math. They loved to draw the numbers, figure them out, play with shapes, and even compare. If that curiosity was lost somewhere along the way for your child, how do you get them past the math fear and loathing, and do it online?

Research from Stanford University shows that the best way for your child to learn math is to focus on the problems they enjoy. The study further shows the damage to students who are pressured to memorize, drill, and test on math problems. Math is one of the most important courses of study your child will ever pursue. It supports your child’s ability to communicate and improves the quality of their life, but it doesn’t have to be scary.

With online learning and math tutoring, you can support math learning in a way that will allow your kids to achieve analytical thinking and reasoning. They can develop the problem-solving skills they need in a way that’s fun, supportive, and targeted to the way they learn best. Empower your learner with the tool of math tutoring.

Top Areas for Math Concentration

Beginning Math
When your child is starting out in math, they’ll learn the basics of counting, recognizing numbers, cardinality, quantifying, and shapes. These are the skills your young student might be ready for from 4-6 years old.

Elementary Math
As your child moves beyond basic arithmetic, they’ll learn about patterns, measurement, fractions, decimals, multiplication, and division. They will explore basic geometry involving area and perimeter, as well as concepts of probability and statistics.

Middle School Math
As your student enters Middle School, they will learn algebra, geometry, variables, expressions, proportionality, relationships, and more. Through 7th and 8th grade they’ll learn how to determine the surface area and volume of shapes as well as graphing and linear functions.

Online Math Courses

Online math tutoring is the most convenient way to support your child’s learning needs. You can sign up for the math courses or tutoring sessions that perfectly meet your child’s current needs, with evolving options as your child advances. It’s the most fun and reliable way to tap into math learning, with the level of interactivity and hands-on support your child needs at the most affordable rates.

At Outschool, we offer a range of online learning sessions and math tutors. The courses offer different approaches to much of the same materials, so your kids can find the learning options they prefer. Here are just a few of the most popular courses and tutoring sessions.

In the Private Math Tutoring sessions designed for learners 4-12, your child works one-on-one with an experienced teacher. Hands-on knowledge of how to help your child learn and grow in their math skills is offered and learning styles are accommodated.

In the ongoing course Calculate a Story! Solving Math Word Problems, kids ages 5-9 are shown the basics of how to solve word problems, including tricks for figuring out those addition story problems as well as subtraction and division problems.

Over five weeks, Multiplication Bootcamp covers basic multiplication facts to help your child (ages 7-12) understand the strategies and patterns. This class proves that math + bootcamp = fun.

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