How to Talk to Your Kids About Stressful Events

For Parents Mar 1, 2022

Here at Outschool, we believe that education and connection can go a long way to make the world a better place. We know that connecting learners from around the world can lead to positive learning experiences and help build empathy the more we all learn together. We are also aware of the role we play at Outschool in supporting teachers, learners and their families when stressful or scary situations happen on a national or global scale, as is happening now in Ukraine. Our team believes that democracy is a precious gift, and we stand unequivocally with the people in Ukraine now fighting to preserve their autonomy.

We also believe that creating safe spaces for our kids to talk about stressful events is essential. Whether you are addressing current events or explaining the complexities of history, we know answering your child's questions is not easy. We also understand that not everyone in our community will view stressful events through the same lens; however, we know that everyone in this community wants the best future possible for our children. At Outschool, our goal is to stand for learners of all backgrounds and support them.

If your learner asks you about topics you might not be an expert on, you can always look to Outschool for support. Our community of passionate teachers provide safe spaces for all children to exchange ideas. You can trust that Outschool's experienced, vetted teachers are prepared to handle difficult questions and create an inclusive classroom experience following our EPIC principles. This framework expects teachers to "create an inclusive learning environment where learners can build relationships across a global community."

We will continue to support all learners through these difficult times, and our thoughts remain with the people of Ukraine.

Further resources to read if you are seeking additional support or information:


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