How to stop kids from falling behind during remote learning

For Parents Feb 3, 2021

Many parents are now looking for live online extra help or tutoring to support their kids while they're learning from home.

Why the sudden surge in interest?

During remote or distance learning, parents may notice signs that kids are falling behind or struggling to do their best work. These signs may include:

  • Kids looking unusually lethargic or unfocused
  • A change in grades, even in classes they used to succeed in
  • Receiving notes from teachers or guidance counselors expressing concern

Learning from home can be a big challenge for families, and there are many factors at play.

However, parenting experts (with kids of their own!) have practical tips you can follow to prevent your kids from falling behind while learning from home.

Parenting PhD (and Mom of 4) says teach kids to single-task

We're all guilty of multi-tasking. But the distractions from phones and Internet make learning from home more challenging for kids.

You may have looked at your kids’ Internet browsers - or your own - and been horrified at how many tabs are open.

Then, add YouTube in the background and a phone buzzing constantly.

Quickly, it becomes clear how kids can spend a day in front of the screen, but not make much progress on their work.

Dr. Christine Carter says it’s important to teach kids to “single task” and show them how to do it while learning from home.¹

First, this means making a plan for where devices are kept and how they’re used.

Dr. Carter suggests 3 quick tips for helping kids to single-task:

  • Make sure kids know how turn off notifications for busy apps
  • Encourage kids to turn on ‘do not disturb’ while studying
  • Pick a “parking place” for personal devices while learning

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Teacher from well-known hospital says: Don’t forget the sweet parts of the day

Everyone is busy, but taking a few moments to leave your child a note or a snack can help to lift their energy if they're struggling with learning from home.

The days can blend together when you’re at home.

Try to to follow the structure of a typical day, and include small things kids might miss from their normal schedule.

Katie Loguercio, teacher at Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital suggests, “prepare lunch and snacks ahead of time. You can even include those sweet notes for your kiddos.”²

Small gestures can raise learners’ spirits and give them a sense of normalcy and connection, which can translate into better performance in their classes.

Expert in kids’ media says privacy not always the best policy

It makes sense to give kids space while learning at home. If kids struggle to focus, though, consider keeping them nearby to help them stay on track.

While it’s great to give kids a quiet space away from you and others, you might want to try the opposite if your child is struggling to learn from home.

Senior Editor at Common Sense Media Christine Elgersma says, “When it's hard for your kid to focus, try to keep them close. Consider setting up nonverbal or one-word cues to help get them back on track.”³

This might not work for every learner. But if your child is struggling to learn from home, you might have to reconsider their ideal learning environment.

Thousands of parents say live online tutoring and classes help kids stay on track

Parents have discovered that Outschool's live online tutoring options are an affordable and effective way to support their kids while learning at home.

You might wonder if your child is getting the attention they need to make progress on their most important skills while learning from home.

During these crucial years, one to one or small-group attention from a passionate teacher, trusted by other parents, is a priceless way to unlock your child’s growth.

At Outschool, teachers offer live online tutoring in important subject areas to help support your child in building their skills.

Satisfied parents see kids make progress

Here are a few recent testimonials from parents whose kids have enrolled in one to one or small group tutoring sessions on Outschool:

Parent Adele K said, “I was happy to be able to forward specific homework questions my son was having difficulty with. [The teacher] helped him understand the questions easily.”

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Parent Jennifer O said, “[My son] was having trouble learning in the virtual environment, and we went to her just to help it click. He leaves her class with a huge smile saying it makes sense. I told her she was a lifesaver!”

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Whether you’ve noticed a change in your child after they started learning from home, or you just want to help them continue grow, Outschool’s ongoing and one-time tutoring sessions are the affordable, effective and fun way to help support your child’s learning.




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