How to use homeschool charter funds to pay for Outschool

homeschool Sep 9, 2022

As a homeschool parent, you juggle so many different responsibilities. You are a teacher, parent, project manager, counselor, coach, bus driver, and chef, all rolled into one.

Outschool can be a powerful addition to your toolkit, granting you access to thousands of expert educators. Outschool is a dynamic education platform that offers over 140,000 interactive online classes for kids ages 3-18. You can find high-quality homeschool classes that seamlessly fit your schedule, including ongoing courses, private tutoring, project-based classes, or fun one-time sessions.

An Outschool math teacher can pinch-hit when you just can’t get your learner excited about long division. A writing tutor can inspire your learner to conquer the 5 paragraph essay. A talented programmer or Chinese language specialist can unlock a new passion for your child.

Families enrolled in homeschool charters can use charter funds to enrich their homeschooling practice with Outchool classes.

This article explains what a homeschool charter is and how charter homeschoolers use Outschool. Plus, which homeschool charters Outschool is an approved vendor for, and how to use charter funds to pay for Outschool classes.

What is a homeschool charter?

Homeschool charters are public charter schools that partner with homeschooling families to co-educate students.

These charters (often found in California, Alaska, and British Columbia in Canada) provide an allotment of funds (aka. a stipend) to homeschooling families. These funds can be used on a variety of instructional resources and services, including Outschool.

How charter homeschoolers use Outschool

Educators on Outschool can help kids tackle complex subjects, so you can focus on teaching what you love.

For example, Cassie uses Outschool to find new ways to engage her kids. Cassie is a working mom living in San Diego and has her elementary school-aged daughters enrolled in Pacific Coast Academy.

One of her daughters is a reluctant mathematician, and she had tried many non-curriculums and learning apps and still struggled to get her daughter to want to learn math. She decided to look for an Outschool class and found the most amazingly gentle teacher. Her daughter loves that this incredible educator makes math fun via games and interactive activities.

But best of all, Cassie can use her Pacific Coast Academy stipend to pay for this learning experience.

How do I use my homeschool charter funds to pay for Outschool classes?

Outschool is proud to be an approved vendor for several homeschool charter schools. We created a handy checklist to help you get started using charter funds for Outschool classes.

  • Work with your education specialist or homeschool teacher to identify an instructional goal for your learner.
  • Use to find a class or teacher to support this goal.
  • Submit the class link to your ES or HST for approval via the school’s request process, leaving about 2 weeks for approval before the class begins.
  • Make sure to provide them with:
  • The name of the class and section time/date
  • The email associated with your Outschool account
  • Your learner’s name and age
  • Reach out to with any questions

Once you have submitted your request, your homeschool charter will approve it and work with Outschool to enroll your learner in the class.

Outschool will process the purchase order or voucher within one business day of receipt. Once approved, you will be enrolled in the class and sent an email confirmation. You can check with your charter to confirm their approval timing.

Not sure if Outschool is approved at your school? Check out the list below or reach out to to learn more.

Outschool is an approved vendor for the following homeschool charter schools:

As a homeschool parent, you’re juggling a lot. Homeschool Charters can provide much-needed support. Outschool is here to help, too – wherever your learning journey might take you.


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