How to Find the Perfect Outschool Online Enrichment Class

For Parents Jan 10, 2022

Imagine this. Your kids aren’t getting what they need from school. You could be facing an unexpected school closing due to a covid variant. Or they’re interested in a specialty topic like entrepreneurship that isn’t taught in most schools. Maybe they’re advanced and want to go deeper, or need a different teaching style.

Whether you’re doing in-person school, remote learning, full-time homeschooling, or a combo, there will come a time where you will have a gap. It's the gap between what your kids want and need to learn and what their typical educators can provide.

The good news is, you have affordable, flexible options to overcome that divide. With Outschool, you access over 150,000 unique online, interactive enrichment classes.

We know that having that many class options is exciting and a bit overwhelming, so here’s an easy guide on how to quickly find the right class for your learner. Below is a brief video overview that walks you through how to apply each filter option, plus some additional context and pro tips.

In five minutes, you’ll learn how to find the perfect class that fits your schedule and budget, and more importantly, gives your kids the support and inspiration they need.

Find It Fast: How the Outschool Class Search Filters Work

Applying a couple of easy class filters will help you narrow down and find what you’re looking for – fast. This three-minute-ish video walks you through how to use each filter to find what you want.

How to Find the Perfect Outschool Class Video Tutorial

Start your search with your kids' ages and the topics that might interest them.

Because Outschool classes are live and interactive, you’ll also want to filter by your family’s schedule.

We recommend booking around the peak boredom times in your home. Maybe 3:30 p.m. when they’re home from school, but you’re trying to wrap up work? Or 5 p.m. when you’re making dinner, and they’re glued to their iPad? Either way, it’s the perfect time for a Minecraft class, LEGO club, or an art project – like a llama paint-along.

Thank you to Kim Petri for sharing your daughter’s beautiful work!

Picture a Saturday morning when your elementary school child is doing an Outschool fitness class or Escape Room challenge. Meanwhile, you’re drinking your coffee in peace.

Key Filters to Apply

  • Age of your kids, or your “learners” as we call them
  • Their interests and hobbies
  • New topics they might enjoy, like mastering an instrument or an animal art class
  • Which days and times would be good for your family’s schedule
  • Any budget considerations

Choose Your Format

Next, you’ll want to consider the Outschool class format. You have several options to choose from, including one-time classes that meet just once, short courses that meet for a few weeks, or ongoing classes that don't have a set end date.

For example, maybe you’re looking for tutoring help or core learning classes to supplement your semester studies. These courses are great for any kid who wants to dive deeper into a particular subject. They’re also popular with homeschooling families who want an easy way to supplement their curriculum.  

Options like Outschool Camps that meet several times a week for a specific period are perfect for families trying to fill cyclical chunks of time –  like summer and holidays. This blog explains the differences between each format, how often they meet, and how to know which is right for your family.


Once you’ve applied your filters, you can also sort the results by starting soon, new classes, recommended, etc.

Remember, whether you’re trying to find some new activities for a school break, fun things to do, or need ongoing academic support, we’re here to help. We’ve got a class for that, and now that you’re a filtering pro, you’ll be able to find it in a couple of clicks.

What does your child want to explore? What do you want them to learn? The possibilities are limitless.

Anna Duin

Anna is a Content Strategist at Outschool. She's also a mother to two pretty-awesome little boys. Nothing makes her happier than rising to a challenge or making something new.