Employer Partnerships

Outschool partners with employers to support their teams through the challenges of remote work and school closures.

We know from experience how it feels to suddenly have new "coworkers" who demand a LOT of attention (aka - our kids!). As parents, we often face the dilemma of wanting to keep kids engaged while also needing to do other things, like accomplish tasks and participate in work meetings.

Outschool offers kids ages 3-18 a safe and fun learning environment, while giving parents a free moment to focus on other priorities. Outschool learners engage with inspiring content and connect live with peers and qualified, background-checked teachers.

We offer several partnership options for companies that want to support their employees during this unprecedented time.

If you're an employee who would like to see your company offer Outschool as a benefit, please let us know and we'll reach out to your employer to start the conversation (anonymously, of course!).

Learn more and get in touch to discuss how your company can partner with Outschool, or to nominate your employer.

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With many tools and partnerships available to support your team, why invest in a partnership with Outschool?

  • Flexibility: Outschool has the unique ability to support your entire team with a single platform. We offer over 100,000 classes across a range of topics, formats and time zones for learners ages 3-18. No need to customize tools based on where employees are located, how old their kids are, or what their children are interested in. Outschool has a class available for everyone.
  • Social connection: Outschool classes are taught live via video chat, giving learners an opportunity to connect with peers and vetted teachers. This is not passive online learning –– it's engaging, dynamic and fun!
  • Quality: We vet every single teacher and class offering on the platform. Our teachers are passionate and qualified, and all classes are approved by our team. We are the experts in high-quality online education, with a community of over one million learners and over two million class hours taught on our platform.

What are parents saying about Outschool?

On the first day of Coronavirus school closure when I was trying to work from home this was a fantastic way to keep my daughter engaged and learning. She loved the class and said she wishes she could give it 10 stars!
My son is out of school due to coronavirus and misses kindergarten. This was a lovely alternative to have someone other than mom and dad acting as teacher
I signed up [my child] for this class at the last minute as I work from home and she was getting bored while I was on conference calls. I only heard a bit of the call, but the kids learned vocabulary, history and more. My daughter rated it a 5 [out of 5]
My 11 year old loves all of Ms. Fischer's Guided Meditations. With all the changes and disruptions to his schedule, she has provided him with lasting techniques for calming his anxiety. He comes out of every session with her so much more relaxed and ready to deal with the world
Great class with a wonderfully patient and fun teacher! It was interactive enough to keep my son engaged and interested. Any child would benefit from this class

About Outschool

Outschool is a marketplace of live online classes for kids ages 3-18.

Classes meet in small groups over live video chat where students can explore their interests with peers and passionate teachers.

Live, online group classes are more impactful than passive online content because they are social, while maintaining the benefits of access and convenience.

Outschool’s team and community of teachers have more expertise in this type of learning than any other US-based organization, with students having attended more than two million class hours.