Announcing the Winners of the Learner Community's Second-Ever Science Fair

Jul 9, 2021

Today we are announcing our Science Fair winning projects!

Congratulations to every single learner who submitted a project to the Outschool Science Fair. We had over 100 submissions, which made this our most project-filled Science Fair ever!

The Science Fair was hosted by Outschool's Learner Community. The Learner Community creates FREE events, contests, and top-secret fun stuff to connect Outschool learners from around the world! Learn more about the Learner Community here.

The team at Outschool was blown away by the variety of projects and ways that learners explore science. Together we have learned so much, and you each deserve a round of applause. 👏🏽

It was super duper hard to choose only 4 winners so we chose a few extra. 😉

Congratulations to the winning projects!

🌱 Why shouldn’t I walk in the garden bed?  by Zephyr, Age 6

💦 Which liquid will give me the freshest apple to eat? By Danica, Age 7

⏱️ How fast can a liquid compress? By Victoria, Age 10

🏃Human Reaction Time by David, Age 10

​🌻 Problems with Styrofoam and House Plants by Darius, Age 11

☠️ Can a natural weed killer work as well as a store bought weed killer? by Ty, Age 14

We also wanted to acknowledge a few more learners for their efforts:

👩🏽‍🔬 3 Year Old Super Scientist Awards go to Makaley & Elan for being some of our youngest scientists!

😅 The Epic Fail Award goes to Malachi who learned to make a Listerine solution to kill mildew that destroyed their plant subjects!

Winning Scientists: we will send your parents a message about redeeming your prizes, so keep an eye out!

Congratulations once again and thank you for an AMAZING EVENT!!!!

We look forward to seeing you at our next event, the Great Outschool Campout! 🏕

Happy Learning!

Learner Community Guy 😃


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