Announcing the winners of Outschool Has Talent!

For Learners Jun 7, 2021

The long-awaited results of Outschool Has Talent are finally here!

First, we want to congratulate EVERY SINGLE LEARNER who submitted a talent to the classroom. Every time the Learner Community hosts a contest, we are so impressed by our community!

Together, the Learner Community submitted over 300 talent submissions from 6 different continents! THAT’S AMAZING and you were all SO BRAVE! 😃

We are so lucky to have you in the Learner Community. YOU EACH deserve a round of applause. 👏🏽

It was so hard to choose only 5 performances so we chose a few extra that we thought were an example of the WIDE variety of talents in the Learner Community.

Congratulations to the winning submissions

@ayla - Saint Saens piano concerto performance! 🎹

Learner @ayla plays the piano.

@grady - Extreme Magic! 🎩

@raul - Epic domino building! 🁂

Learner @raul demonstrates his domino skills.

@gatylnn @cheyenne and @wyatt - Dynamic Family Band performance 🪕 🎻

@sora - Worldly Music by the GuZheng 古箏(Chinese plucked Zither) 🎵

Learner @sora plays the Zither.

@mishka - Prayerful Dance 🙏🏽

@lailah - Joyful Singing by a performer age 6 and under! 😍

Learner @lailah performs a song.

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