5 ways to re-inspire reluctant learners

Parents know that spark. When a kid is fully engaged in learning, everything else falls away. Here are 5 keys to get your youngster ready to learn (even if they're in a slump)

By Gerard Dawson, Teacher and Parent

Parents know that spark. When a kid is fully engaged in learning, everything else falls away. Here are 5 keys to get your youngster ready to learn (even if they're in a slump)

1) Get outside for exercise

If you’re looking to help your child get re-inspired to learn, help them shake out the cobwebs with some exercise. Afterwards, they may be more open to engaging in fun, meaningful learning activities.

2) Help them make with their hands

Bake copies, build a birdhouse, or break out the legos. Try knitting, wood carving, or working in a garden.

Giving kids the opportunity to have a tactile experience and use their hands to make something can be the perfect antidote to lethargy or apathy. This can further build confidence and boost motivation.

3) Have a plan for discussing difficult emotions

A report from Vanderbilt University outlines four steps involved in helping children have emotional conversations. By following a process like this, or one that works for you and your young learner, you may help them to deal with some of the feelings that are making them reluctant towards engaging in the learning they typically enjoy.

4) Enroll your kid in a class related to their interests

Have you ever jumped out of bed early when you had a fun day planned? Kids get that same energy for learning when they get the chance to follow their interests.

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5) Provide space for them to unleash their creativity

As famous painter Pablo Picasso once said “art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Explore 100s of exciting art classes - everything from Cake Decorating to Pokémon Drawing - on Outschool’s catalog of live video chat classes.

Of course, it’s a frustrating experience to observe your young learner when they’re not feeling themselves. But with a toolkit of strategies and resources, you can offer encouragement, suggestions, or maybe just a hug.

Let your child’s passions lead their learning

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