5 fun ways to bond with the kids in your life over the holidays

For Parents Nov 24, 2020

As the holiday season arrives, kids are ready for a break from traditional school.

But they still want to have fun, connect with others and learn during their time off.

This year, why not celebrate with the kids in your life by picking a fun activity to learn and practice together - either in person or virtually?

Below are five fun, family-centered activities to help you bond with young learners in your life over the holidays. At the end, we’ll share a special new way you can share the gift of learning with the kids this year.

This holiday season may be different, but by focusing on fun, healthy learning activities shared with loved ones, it can still be a time of connection, celebration and growth.

How to pick a fun activity to do with kids

At Outschool, we’ve learned from 500,000+ learners about the activities kids love to learn, do, and share with others.

When planning a fun way to bond with young learners in your life this holiday season, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it give kids a chance to move their bodies?
  • Does it give kids a chance to be social?
  • Does it let kids make something?
  • Can it be done virtually or in-person?
  • Does it engage the five senses?

Here are five activities that’ll have you answering yes to the questions above, along with resources to help the kids in your life start learning.

How Outschool works

Cooking 👩🏾‍🍳

An Outschool learner participating in a "Meet Me for Breakfast" cooking class.

Benefits: Cooking provides the sensory experiences of stirring, mixing, pouring, measuring, smelling and of course - tasting! Kids can easily do this in a shared space like a kitchen, which is conducive to interacting and sharing the learning experience with others at home.

Browse kids cooking classes here.

Tags: Virtual or in-person, social, sensory, maker

Yoga 🧘

Two young learners enjoy their Tot Time Yoga class on Outschool.

Benefits: Yoga enhances the mind-body connection, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves overall wellbeing. After learning the basics of yoga in a class, you and your young learner can continue doing yoga on your own time. It even makes a great break from work or other classes! Yoga is an activity you can do with friends and family of all ages.

Browse kids yoga classes here.

Tags: Virtual or in-person, movement, social

Crafting 🧵

After taking a crafting class on Outschool, this young learner proudly wears his new creation.

Benefits: Crafting gives you and your young learner a tangible experience of working with paper, pencils, scissors, fabrics and more. Many crafts are activities that young learners can safely do with siblings, friends and family. Crafts make great gifts for the holidays, too.

Browse kids crafting classes here.

Tags: Virtual or in-person, social, maker

Drawing ✏️

This young artist during her Subway Illustrators class on Outschool.

Benefits: The people who love to sketch, draw, and doodle are on to something because it’s an activity with many science-backed benefits. Doodling can improve memory, focus and provide stress relief, too. Beyond that, it’s fun to do and gives kids something cool to hang up around the house!

Browse kids drawing classes here.

Tags: Virtual or in-person, maker, social

Exploring Nature 🌳

Local wildlife is hungry seeing the bird feeder this young learner made in his Outschool class.

Benefits: Exploring nature is one of the best ways for you and your young learner to acquire new knowledge and skills, and then apply them in a fun, healthy way. The benefits of being outdoors are endless, ranging from better Vitamin D levels to a stronger immune system.

Browse kids nature classes here.

Tags: Movement, sensory, social

How to inspire learning in kids even when you aren’t there

This year, you can share the gift of learning with a special child in your life by giving them an Outschool Gift Card.  Whether you are a grandparent or family friend, giving an Outschool Gift Card tells the young learner in your life that you believe in them by helping them discover new passions, and unlock exciting opportunities.

Kids eventually outgrow clothes and move on to new toys, but the gift of learning lasts a lifetime.

Gerard Dawson

Gerard Dawson is a teacher, parent and writer for Outschool.