Your kid loves drawing? Explore these 5 kid-approved skills they can learn at home

For Parents May 26, 2021

Watching a child be creative can feel like magic.

When parents help kids grow their passion and build their art skills, the results can be even more special.

But for many parents, their child's love of art doesn't match up with the parent's skills. If your sketches look more like stick figures than Van Gogh, you're not alone.

In live online drawing classes on Outschool, passionate teachers can help your child turn their love of art into real-life creations. They can do it with a group of excited, like-minded peers, too.

Check out 5 fun learn-to-draw experiences your child can have on Outschool. Then, click through on your child's favorite topic to find the perfect class for them.

Learn to draw cute animals 🦊

Whether your child loves cats or kangaroos, dinosaurs or dogs, a little guidance can help them recreate their favorite animals.

In Outschool's live online animal drawing classes, your child will learn:

  • Basic knowledge about anatomy of different species
  • How to observe the characteristics of different animals
  • How to sketch animals using basic shapes and shading techniques

And more. Click the button to browse all drawing classes 👇

Learn to draw architect blue prints 🏙

If your child loves designing and building, then learning to draw like an architect is the perfect fit for them.

In Outschool's live online architecture classes, your child will learn:

  • how architects work
  • how to create plans and blueprints
  • history of architecture and names of famous architects

And more. Click the button to browse architecture classes 👇

Learn to draw fashion designs 👗

If your child imagines a future where their creations are on the runway, then learning the basics of fashion design is a great opportunity for them.

In Outschool's live online fashion design classes, your child will learn:

  • How different factors like volume affect a design
  • How to make a garment fashionable and practical
  • How to use their drawing skills to make creative designs

And more. Click the button to browse fashion classes 👇

Learn to draw your favorite anime ✏️

If your child can spend hours with anime and manga, then give them a chance to bring their passion to life with their own creations.

In Outschool's live online anime classes, your child will learn:

  • How to plan and draw facial features
  • Different hair styles to include in an anime drawing
  • Tips and tricks to achieve an authentic anime-style drawing

And more. Click the button to browse all anime classes 👇

Learn to draw fun cartoons 👻

If your child can't get enough of their favorite cartoon characters, then help them learn the skills they need to draw their own versions.

In Outschool's live online cartoon drawing classes, your child will learn:

  • Fine motor skills
  • How to use spatial reasoning  
  • Visualization, self-discipline and problem-solving

And more. Click the button to browse all cartoon classes 👇

With encouragement from you, and coaching from Outschool's passionate, vetted teachers, you can help to set your child's art skills free, all from the comfort of your own home.

Explore all Outschool drawing classes here.

Gerard Dawson

Gerard Dawson is a teacher, parent and writer for Outschool.