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Best online art classes for kids

The benefits of online art classes for kids, how to find the right one, and the best art classes by age and category.

The renowned Spanish artist Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Investing in art education for our children is crucial for fostering children’s inherent interest in creativity and imagination. A STEM-based learning model uses real-world experiences and hands-on activities to teach science, technology, engineering, and math.

However, many schools are shifting to a STEAM-based model to include the arts as a central aspect of learning.

At Outschool, we know you want the best for your child's education. The best online art classes will allow your child to be creative to achieve a well-rounded education.

Benefits of online art classes

Best online art classes for kids Outschool - Benefits of online art classes

Art education engages learners to experience hands-on learning as they use their imagination. A few key concepts the best online art classes teach include:

  • Cause and effect

  • Problem-solving

  • Imagination and creativity

  • Resiliency

  • Constructive criticism

  • Focus and relaxation

  • Social-emotional and interpersonal skills

  • Spatial awareness

  • Fine motor skills

  • Improved cognition and memory

  • Self-expression

In addition, many of the best online art classes include cross-curricular learning experiences to weave key concepts from math,science, andlanguage arts, boosting learning through increased engagement. For example, classes may encourage hands-on artistic experiences to practice the science of color mixing or art creation to demonstrate geometry skills.

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate art education into your child’s curriculum as a supplement to homeschooling or as an engaging enrichment to public or private schools, you’ve come to the right place. Outschool can help you find the best online art class where your child will thrive. 

What to look for in an online art class

Best online art classes for kids Outschool - What to look for in an online art class

Finding an online art class for your child can feel overwhelming. To begin your search, consider these main class features:


The most engaging online art classes for your child will capitalize on their current interests. A website with a wide variety of art courses will give you more freedom to choose classes based on interest and skill level.

Subscription cost

Consider hidden costs of membership or subscription fees to be sure the program falls within your budget.

Flexible schedule options

Whether you’re looking for a daytime homeschooling art class or a weekend enrichment program, choose a vendor with flexible time options that fit your family’s schedule.


Choose a vendor with transparent parent ratings for each class and educator so you can feel confident in your online art class choice.

Live interaction

Although many asynchronous online classes exist, choose an online art class with a live interaction component between teachers and peers. Outschool meets all of the criteria above and more. Outschool’s online art classes feature transparent and affordable pricing with no hidden membership or subscription fees.

You have multiple timing options, so you can find convenient times to fit your schedule. Vetted teachers create all content, and with each course and educator highlighted with parent ratings, you can feel confident in your selection.

Most importantly, teachers foster creativity, motivation, and interpersonal skills through live interaction. Students can answer questions, share work for peer evaluation, and receive valuable feedback from their teacher, giving you more bang for your educational buck. 

Best online art classes by age

Best online art classes for kids Outschool - What to look for in an online art class - Best class by age

Outschool’s online art class search tool allows you to filter by your child’s age to find a class that’s right for your child. Here are a few top-rated art classes by age:

Preschool and kindergarten

Best online art classes for kids - Outschool - Preschool & Kindergarten

Engage your littlest artists and foster your young learner’s brilliant creativity. Top-rated online art classes for this age group include:

Bonus, hands-on arts and crafts activities help your little ones develop their motor skills, master their colors, and learn to learn art at an early age. Find more classes for preschoolers and kindergartners.


Best online art classes for kids - Outschool - Elementary

Engage your elementary-age learner with the best online art classes catered to their unique interests and skills. With Outschool’s wide class variety, find a class focused on something your child loves, such as animals, characters, or specific toys.

  • In the online art class Paint Like Famous Artists, your child will experience an immersive lesson in art history each week as they learn about an artist and practice their techniques.

  • Ms. Megan’s LEGO Club Social Hour features weekly building challenges incorporating STEAM skills.

  • This wildly popular Ballet Dance Class teaches classic ballet movements to the tune of your child’s favorite icy princess. 

Art clubs are another great way for elementary kids to connect, get inspired, and share their love of creativity.

Middle school

Best online art classes for kids - Outschool - Middle school

As your child blossoms into their identity, adolescence is the perfect time to implement an interest-based online art class into their curriculum to build confidence and creativity. Here are some of the most popular Outschool online art classes for this age group:

  • Technology and art collide in this Pet Portrait Painting Class, where preteens work together to learn how to paint their pet using iPad’s ProCreate app. 

  • Anime lovers unite in Anime Art Club.

  • Your budding interior designer will love this Interior Design Drawing Class as they learn design terminology while drawing interiors. You’ll love the embedded lessons in geometry, spatial awareness, and engineering they learn as they go.

Find more Anime classes, painting tutorials, interior design courses, and more

High school

Best online art classes for kids - Outschool - High school

A live-interaction online art class is an excellent option for teenage learners. Some of the most popular courses on Outschool for teens include:

Check out more drawing classes, theater, music lessons, and more.

The best online art classes by category

From mainstream popular topics to obscure interests, Outschool’s variety of online art class topics will help you find a class to engage your learner. Check out these popular art class categories and subjects:

Art camps

Best online art classes for kids - Outschool - Art Camps
  • Art camps are a great way to emphasize art education through daily structured lessons. This popular one-on-one art camp features daily private art lessons in watercolor and pastels.

  • Online art clubs, such as this Nature Sketch Club, are a great way to build social skills into your homeschool art curriculum. 

3D Modeling, animation, and video 

Best online art classes for kids - Outschool - 3D modeling, animation, and video

Crafts and design 

Best online art classes for kids - Outschool - Crafts and design
  • Get crafty with online craft classes such as sewing, woodworking, and jewelry making, and get social with an online Kids Craft Club.  

  • Online design classes open your child up to the world of graphic design, web design, interior design, or software design through interactive, live courses.

Drawing, painting, and photography

Best online art classes for kids - Outschool - Drawing, painting, and photography

Fashion and cosmetology 

Best online art classes for kids - Outschool - Fashion and cosmetology

Comics and calligraphy

Best online art classes for kids - Outschool - Comics and Caligraphy

Even more art classes

Best online art classes for kids - Outschool - Categories

You can find these class topics and more in Outschool’s art class section. 

Whether you’re looking for a regular art class to supplement your homeschool curriculum, a social club, or an interest-based class for after-school or on weekends, Outschool has you covered. 

Our high-quality and affordable classes are taught by vetted, high-quality teachers. Plus, Outschool’s transparent parent ratings help you feel confident in your online art class selection. 

Catie MacDonaldCatie is a freelance writer with a passion for words and the drive to exceed expectations. As a certified Language Arts educator, she has years of experience teaching children to love reading.

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